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    Do I need to use the Prelief just before I eat something acidic, or will it work if I take it a half hour or so before the meal? When I go out I prefer to take it in the car before entering the restaraunt, but was wondering if it would be more effective if I use it just before I eat.

    Also, I think I read somewhere here that the granuales work on the food before you eat it. Does that mean if I sprinkle the granuales on some pasta sauce and then eat some fruit without it, it will not neutralize the acid in the fruit?

    Thank you.

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    Prelief works on the food acid and therefore you need to get the food and the Prelief together. You should take it just before or right with the food. If you take it a half hour in advance, the Prelief will be gone when you eat the food.

    Prelief granules can be sprinkled on the food or in the beverage and the acid is removed prior to consumption. The amount of Prelief is keyed to the amount of acid you are consuming so it is doubtful that there would be enough to take care of the apple; you will need additional Prelief for the apple.

    Betty Corson
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