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Big fan of Prelief!!

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  • Big fan of Prelief!!

    I have been taking Prelief for probably and year and I have to say that it has saved me from going crazy at times. I suffer from pretty bad constipation, so I don't take it more than once a day with coffee and then when we are out or at someone's house for dinner. If I didn't have prelief, I would have to take my own water everywhere and I would never be able to stray off the diet. It makes it possible for me to have coffee, alcohol, cranberry muffins, salad dressing, etc!!!!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful product!!!! ))))))))))))))))

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    I know how you feel, Melissa! Prelief really does help some people, I am glad that it's out there!
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      I also can't say enough good about Prelief. And they will send you samples if you ask them. That's how I got acquainted with it.

      Stay safe

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        That's wonderful! I went out and bought two bottles yesterday to replace the bottle I used up, and I have decided to take it regularly whether I think I'm eating something acidic or not, just because I see that there is evidence that IC'ers get better on it and that it looks like it helps with healing (I could be misunderstanding what I read but that's how I interpreted it.) I'm also taking calcium citrate, 3 tablets per day, because it's supposed to alkanize the urine and I think it's better for me than the baking soda (I'm not so sure my Urologist knew what he was talking about when he said it was okay).

        Maybe with these products, we can be comfortable even without the help of doctors, if we use them regularly enough and long enough!

        Love, ICY


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          I also echo everyones posts about Prelief, it is in my purse, and goes with me whenever I go out to eat. Even at home, I am able to have teriyaki chicken and fried rice with no problems if I take two Preliefs and even barbecue and curry, that I thought I would miss so much, hurray for Prelief, teake care everyone Iris hi
          Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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            What kind of calcium citrate are you taking? I was looking at all the different kinds and the ingred. and I did not know which would be the best.


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              I use Citracal with Vitamin D. I take one tablet twice a day and it seems to do the trick.

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                I have been using first in August I thought it was doing some, I seem to not be able to use enough to make any differences...I hurt and burn about all the time..I take at least two before eating anything and a lot of the time I take 4 and have done that more than twice a day....I hope I wont' be like this the rest of my live...but from what I read it sounds like I will...this started about the end of July..and at that time my Dr. did a Cysto and says my bladder is not real bad...but it's getting much worst I think. It feels like it must be awful in there to me......I don't burn when I go to bathroom which is good, but most of the rest of the time..I'm depressed over this so much since I love cooking and gardening and being very outgoing...


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                  Hi Bobbie, are you on any meds to help you with your IC, or just taking the Prelief? I know what you mean, when posting about being outgoing and love gardening and doing things. I am the same way and went into complete isolation when I was first diagnosed, but now with the treatments that are helping me, even though at times I still get the pain, I am back out there again. So do not give up there is life with IC, it just all takes time, take care and hugs Iris hi grouphug
                  Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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                    Iris, my Dr. is trying me on Amitriptyline...but it's just 10mg at night...couldn't take the 25mg , but think I could do more of the 10 per day...and he also put me on Urispas, dont know if I can see any difference on this..but have only had it twice...will take it today after I eat..I do hope it can get under some control...because like I have been for the past 2 days and nights, I won't ever be able to go out or anywhre...just stay on the sofa and in the bed and cry. This all makes my life seem over. I wil go back to Dr. this afternoon, hoping for something he can do to help.


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                      Hi there Bobbie, I hope that your doc can really help you out with some meds to make your life a little easier. We all have been at one time, or another, feeling exactly like you, I know I have never cried as much as I did before I was on the rights meds and found the IC family. Please let us know how your visit to the docs went, and any relief you are getting with your IC, take care and love and hugs Iris hi kissing grouphug
                      Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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                        Hi, the Dr. took me off of Amitriptyline but keeping the Urispas...I had tried a low dosage of Zanax and it seems to help some with both of these I hope to get some relief...was really bad by this afternoon but needed to take meds and couldnt' until I was already hurting too much....I also received my Cysta-Q today and took one with my dinner dont' even know how I will know what will help or not..except the Urispas and Zanax would only be for the pain...and I still cant' quite understand how Zanax would help exept I guess it calms the bladder down...and but I'm afraid I will have to go in for those instillations and am scared..I cant' really tell the Prelief does much now..but do take it or calcium everyday...but I was taking probaby up to 12 Preliefs a day....


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                          Originally posted by ICNJess View Post
                          I know how you feel, Melissa! Prelief really does help some people, I am glad that it's out there!
                          is the prelief something you can buy over the counter? i take citracal every day and wonder if that would be too much calcium for me? just curious.


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                            i know how all of you feel. i am 62 and have suffered with this off and on for 9 years. i was always prone to urinary tract infections after i got married and was told i had "honeymoon cystitis." for yearsi was given antibiotics, pyridium and sent on my way. urologist finally diagnosed me in 2006. i had not had a bad flare-up until this week. think i have a yeast infection which causes the IC to flare. i take citracal twice a day and wonder if the prelief would be too much calcium for my system? i'm always doing research as i am never pain free. some days are just better than others. i have cried a million tears over this condition an have prayed that someone, somewhere would come up with something to help all of us. i pray alot and say over and over that The Lord Is My Shepard.


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                              bobbie, i know exactly how you feel. i'm in noth carolina. am 62 and very active. have walked the floor and cried many days and nights. i sat in a tub of water last night and cried. only the ones of us who have this can understand what a horrendous condition it is. i pray alot and try different things to see what helps. i am never completely pain free and have tried to live with it. having a flare-up now from what i think is a yeast infection. like you, i cannot go anywhere or do anything when i have a flareup because i have to be near a bathroom and am in so much pain. i cannot be still. being able to share like this is good and we can all share what helps. i do think the xanax helps me. may God be with you and all of us with IC.