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Does anyone have reactions to Prelief?

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  • Hope
    You could try testing it out by seeing how you feel after a meal that has not included prelief. Try it a few times.


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  • liz2
    I have not heard of that side effect with Prelief; the only one I know about is constipation. However, our bodies are very different, and you could be that one person in zillions who has a reaction to Prelief. I also have wierd ractions that no one else has.

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  • Betty Corson
    Dear NOSOUP4U:

    Prelief is a dietary supplement (calcium glycerophosphate) that takes the acid out of food. Prelief is not a drug; it works on the food.

    There are no use limitations except for people who have been advised by their doctor not to take calcium, phosphorus or glycerin/glycerol.
    Adverse Reactions: None known
    Toxicity: None known

    I have never heard of the problem you seem to be experiencing, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.....

    Betty Corson
    [email protected]

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    started a topic Does anyone have reactions to Prelief?

    Does anyone have reactions to Prelief?

    I'm trying to determine what is causing a sensation of breathlessness/anxiety after meals, and the only common factor seems to be Prelief.
    Has anyone had this, or am I losing my marbles?
    I can find no listed side effects anywhere.
    Thanks for any help you can give....