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URGENT: Prelief Side Effects

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  • redjcmarie
    Re: URGENT: Prelief Side Effects

    Originally posted by Morgan Stone View Post
    Thank you for the info on magnesium and prelief. Please know that I am in no way trying to keep anyone from using this wonderful pill.. I only wanted to share what happened to me so others who cannot tolerate much magnesium would know. Apparently, my body does not handle it as well as most do.
    I would recommend getting a serum calcium and magnesium level checked. It would be reasonable to get one off Prelief and then take it as you usually do and check it again. I think the chances of that absolutely miniscule amount of Mg affecting you are very very low, and it would be hard as an IC patient to not have Prelief as an option. Just a thought.

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  • marinesgtheroux
    Prelief should be taken 15 minutes before eating. It acts like an antacid. It protects your bladder for what you are about to eat.

    As for how much to take, I was taking 2 before each meal. My doctor told me I should be taking 10 to 12 tabs every day. I have now increased to taking 3 before each meal and 2 when I snack.

    I have found 2 herbs that help a lot: Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm. They have stopped all my pain after taking for one week. I continue to take 2 tabs each 3 times a day.

    Herbs that can best help to sooth, heal and renew the lining are:

    soothers of the mucous membrane such as:
    comfrey root,
    marshmallow root, and
    slippery elm.
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  • loanjoan
    Hair loss from Elmiron?

    Hey cindi, I see you take 100mg of Elmiron 2x a day, I've jsut reduced my dose down to that also from 200mg 2x a day because my hair loss was significant, even eye lashes! Do you have hair loss? i take a good amount of biotin also.

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  • cmclien
    Hey Lauren

    Just thought I'd point out that this thread is 8 years old!
    You might want to start your own thread by going to the forum you are interested in, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on New Thread.

    As far as prelief goes, it is not a medicine but a supplement and it should help immediately with any food you take. It lowers the acidity of food and helps people tolerate them but even with prelief I can't drink coffee of any kind any more but it does help me eat other things.

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  • LaurenEngland84

    Can anyone tell me if Prelief works immediately? Or do you have to take it for a few weeks before you notice the effects?
    I've taken 2 tablets for the first time ever (before eating an acidic food). Will they help? x

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  • Morgan1313
    Thank you for the info on magnesium and prelief. Please know that I am in no way trying to keep anyone from using this wonderful pill.. I only wanted to share what happened to me so others who cannot tolerate much magnesium would know. Apparently, my body does not handle it as well as most do.

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  • Betty Corson
    Hi Everyone:

    Mr. Alan Kligerman, CEO of AkPharma Inc and developer of Prelief (as well as Lactaid and Beano) writes:

    The amount of magnesium stearate in Prelief tablets is 0.25%, and the magnesium in the magnesium stearate is 4%, meaning that the total amount of magnesium in a 345 mg. Prelief tablet is less than one part per 10,000.

    To put it in perspective, this equals 1/30 mg, with a mg (milligram) being 1/1000 of a gram.

    This compares with magnesium in some other foods, such as:

    1 cup of buckwheat flour---------------------------------- 301 mg

    1 serving unsalted soybeans---------------------------148 mg

    8 oz. nonfat milk----------------------------------------------- 24 mg

    1 cup brown rice---------------------------------------------- 84 mg

    1 cup white rice----------average------------------------- ~ 30 mg

    Obviously, two Prelief tablets will contain a tiny fraction of the magnesium found in almost all common foods.

    Here's the USDA link to check magnesium or any nutrient in any food:

    It shows that colas contain 4 mg. per 12 oz., and that is 120 times as much as one Prelief tablet.

    While we respect a person's reactions, we have doubts that any of them are caused by the vanishingly small amount of magnesium or magnesium stearate in Prelief tablets, there only to facilitate tablet cohesion.

    Betty Corson
    Customer Service

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  • Britgal
    Thanks for posting Morgan, did not know that about Prelief, I do take it occasionally when needed, but thanks for the heads up, hugs Iris hi

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  • rjyoon
    Thanks for the information. I'm on magnesium for my fibromyalgia, and definitely had problems when I used Prelief as suggested. Perhaps it was because of too much magnesium. I now only use it for my daily diet, caffiene-free Coke (oh, do I miss having the 'real thing') & can tolerate it at that level.

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  • JAF
    Thanks for posting. It is good that you checked with your Dr. and for anyone else who has symptoms that are different, please check with your Dr. Everyone is different and we all react differently to things.


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  • Morgan Stone
    started a topic URGENT: Prelief Side Effects

    URGENT: Prelief Side Effects

    Hello everyone,

    Ive got some news about prelief. I don't know if anyone is aware of it or not but prelief has magnesium in it. I started feeling funny saturday after taking urimax, detrolla and prelief. I stopped both the urimax and detrolla thinking it was it and continued the prelief over the last few days. Yesterday I took 2 prelief with a pepsi (im addicted to pepsi) and about 2 hours later started having problems breathing and felt really funny like I wasnt "together" - After doing some research, I realized that too much magnesium can cause many things.. Here is what was listed:

    Signs of excess magnesium can be similar to magnesium deficiency and include mental status changes, nausea, diarrhea, appetite loss, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, extremely low blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat

    I spoke to my doc this morning who advised me not to take the prelief anymore. I do not know if my system just doesnt like the magnesium or what but it definetly had a reaction to it.

    Please, if you have any of these signs while taking prelief, contact your doctor and stop taking it asap. I guess I just have to give my pepsi up. :-)

    Just wanted to share.. wishing u all a pain free day


    Morgan Moonstone