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  • Prelief question

    Hi everyone- I am having a hard time finding Prelief- my local pharmacy will order it but they said there are about 15 different kinds. Does this sound right and which kind do you all use?



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    Hi Sara,
    I'm from Philadelphia (suburbs Bucks county), and I get prelief at Edhart drug stores. Both of them in my area carry it, so I would think they all do. I think it comes in pill form and granules. I take the pills+. It's in a white bottle with a blue cap. Good luck! Celeste


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      Hi, my pharmacist orders for me Prelief in the 120 tablets bottle.

      Each serving size of 2 tablets contains the following:

      Calcium, 130 mg
      Phosphorus, 100 mg

      It also contains Magnesium Stearate.

      If you have questions, there is a toll-free number:

      (800) 994 - 4711

      M - F, 9 am to 5 pm, EST

      Good luck!


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        Hi Sara:

        Prelief is available in tablets and in granulate form. The stores stock the tablets because the tablets are more popular. The tablets come in a bottle of 30, 60, and 120. Most pharmacies stock the large 120 which is the most economical.

        Every RiteAid, Eckerd Drug, and Walgreens should have Prelief on the shelf with the antacids. If it is not, ask the Store Manager (not the pharmacist). The Store Manager stocks and orders the over-the-counter products and will locate it for you. He does not have to Special Order it because it is in their warehouse and in their planagram.

        Please call me if you have any questions...

        Betty Corson
        [email protected]
        For additional information on Prelief, please call 1-800-994-4711. AkPharma is a proud sponsor of the IC Network Message Board.