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YIKES!! Prelief $22.50/120 in CANADA

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  • YIKES!! Prelief $22.50/120 in CANADA

    Hi Betty,

    I just ordered four bottles of the 120 capsules of Prelief. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.
    Due to the combination of the exchange rate plus shipping and handling, the cost to me of one of these bottles was approx. $22.50. On the Mastercard bill the total amount for the four bottles was $89.27.

    While I do find Prelief to be helpful in cutting the acidity in foods and some liquids so I can enjoy a little bit of a wider selection in this area, I feel compared to the cost of the product in a store in the U.S. the cost to me and other Canadians (and probably elsewhere) is ridiculous. I realize your company is trying to get Prelief into Canada and is having problems due to the product name, I am asking if you have any suggestions of how I can continue to order Prelief but not have to pay an arm and a leg for it?!

    Thanks for your help.