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  • Is it worth it?

    Can someone tell me how well prelief works? I am thinking about trying it, but I havent heard anything about it? Is it even worth my time or money. Can someone just tell me about your experience with prelief and how well it works?


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    If you scroll to the top of this page and click on the Prelief symbol, you'll get to their web site and can request a sample. That way you can find out if it helps you without spending money on it.

    I use it quite a bit because it helps me to have some foods I could not normally tolerate.

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      Prelief has changed my life completely! It has made the difference of whether I can go out for dinner, or go to someone elses house for dinner. Without it, I would have to carry water EVERYWHERE I go. I hate to draw attention to myself, so this is a way that I can live a semi-normal life and still manage my IC. I am one that is EXTREMELY sensitive to foods, and it still works! Good luck!


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        Prelief has worked for me for the past several weeks. For a glass of white wine, I take three and have no problem. For a tablespoon of salad dressing I take three. I hope it works for you. Has anyone tried it with tomatoes or oranges??


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          I took preleif into my new Uros office and asked him about it! Hes from New York, and moved here after working at ground zero! He was at the closest hospital when it happened and after taking care of all his patients moved back to Canada! I told him about the product and took in the bottle, He looked at it read the ingretints , and told me there was no difference between prelief and Tums, And in his experience it would make no difference! I took it for a while did not notice any difference < but I did find I was getting conspaited alot! I not knocking the product Just giving u my experience with it! Some people here swear by it! And im glad its worked for them , but not myself Take Care! All the best Sandra! grouphug


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            I take Prelief when I go to a restaurant or when I'd like to eat a yummy donut or two! The # of tablets I take depend on the food. Restaurants- usually three, & if only two were used & I'd eaten a lot, then I wished I had 3! My uro had Prelief pamphlets. You may also go to the PRELIEF website, as listed above, and order samples. They should send you some in form of 2 per packet and some granules to sprinkle on your food. It's a good start. I've located them at Long's Drug & Drug Emporium. I believe Walgreen's has them. Walmart would order for you. Hope this helps. S
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              It's definitely worth a try. I quit using it for a while, thinking it wasn't helping, but then I noticed more discomfort and started using it again. I only use it on days like today when I ate chicken parmesan with the tomato sauce. I can't eat everything with it, but I can eat more, and I feel like it's insurance. I get mine at Walgreens. They seem to have the lowest price in my area.


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                I would be lost without Prelief. It allows me to eat foods that I would not touch without it!!
                What a dietsaver!!

                I started by ordering the free samples to try & then headed out to Rite Aid & bought my first bottle. I do wish I could find somewhere that sells a nice big bottle of it, however instead of buying 120 caplets at a time. They don't seem to last long!

                I use 3 to 4 tablets when eating in a restaurant & 2 tablets if adding mayo to a sandwich.
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