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prelief and urethral burning

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  • prelief and urethral burning

    I have been using prelief--usually 1-2 with coffee, and usually 1-2 with each meal as directed on the label. I have been told that prelief is no more than calcium and magnesium and thats nothing but a rolaid or tum. What exactly is prelief. I also wanted to add, since I have been using it--I am not burning in the urethra--I suffer terrible with burning in the urethra. I dont have the frequent urination and I do have mild low back pain very occasionally. Anyone suffer with burning out of nowhere? Anyone have prelief work for this. It seems to be helping. thanks Cathy

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    Cathy, I do use lots of Prelief...I have now been eating and drinking more things than I had been able to in several months...if I'm gonna have something I "know" is a really bad "no" i will take 5-6 preliefs...seems to help me more if I take more...and then just for regular meals I usually do about 3...or 4..and this means that I take really a lot of prelief..somedays....and do hope it's OK...I see it's calcuim...I also am on Elavil and an antibiotic....dont' know exactly what's helping...but seems something is...or the combination ...I too, have as my main problem the urethral burning...but seems to be so much better these days...but has had me in times in the past so bad, I just felt like can anyone live like this....and now I do feel it some most days..but not really bad...sometimes a half of a zanax will help that burning for me...This burning is not at all there when I go to the bathroom....


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      Dear cathyada:

      Prelief is a dietary supplement (calcium glycerophosphate) that takes the acid out of food. Prelief is not a drug; it works on the acid in food (and the acid in food irritates the bladder).

      Prelief is not an antacid; it is a food acid neutralizer. In clearest terms, Prelief does to the acid in food what Sanka and DeCaf do to the caffeine in coffee; it removes it.

      Each Prelief tablet contains 65 mg of elemental calcium. The tablets also contain 0.025% (0.95 mg)of magnesium stearate as a processing aid.

      Additionally, there is now further objective evidence of Prelief's utility in IC:
      Recent observations by a major eastern US urology clinic on a small number of patients with IC observed that Prelief appears to be doing something measurably good for the bladder cells. A full clinical study is underway.

      Betty Corson
      Customer Service
      For additional information on Prelief, please call 1-800-994-4711. AkPharma is a proud sponsor of the IC Network Message Board.


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        Cathy and Bobby,
        I too have urethral burning so I'm just wandering through all the boards while I wait for more tests and an appointment with my uro. The burning and a lower backache are my only complaints. No frequency; no urgency. I don't seem affected by food or drink. I tried Prelief for a few days--nothing changed. I've been taking antibiotics for about five weeks and feel marginally better. My doctor said I don't have IC (without any testing) that I have a "urethral problem". If the antibiotics don't work and the cysto (no hydro) shows no obvious problem, she is referring me to a doctor at Duke. Have you been diagnosed with IC?