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    Hi All,
    I haven't been on for a few years and am (I guess) having a flare up of IBS and especially my Interstitial cystitis...I didn't think it would ever happen again. Felt so good not having any pain for a few years...I was taking flaxseed oil and am really wondering if anybody is still taking it, or maybe something better, but I felt as though the flaxseed oil and Prelief were my best partners....thanks for the help...Emma [img]frown.gif[/img]

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    Hi Emma-
    I dont take flaxseed oil but I do take ground flax seeds for the anti inflammatory properties and for the fiber for my IBS. Prelief helps me lots did starting Hydroxyzine at decreases my food sensativity (although I still do some of the IC diet) and it also just helped me get a good night sleep. I only take it at night.

    I wish I could more help you with your you do diet?? Almond Milk really helps when Im in a flare...I think it coats my bladder and its very alkaline.

    Good luck. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
    Hugs, hope you feel better soon [img]smile.gif[/img]
    "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor


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      Hi I've been using flaxseed oil and prelief I do still eat foods I shouldn't but it was fine for a little while but now I'm having a flare up and so I'm drinking a lot of water and trying to eat foods ic friendly.