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  • Prelief and Urocit

    Does anyone know what the difference is between Prelief and Urocit? My dr. prescribed Urocit to take with meals but I also bought some Prelief and I am wondering if it is overkill to use both.


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    Sara - Urocit takes the acid out of the urine in your kidneys and prelief takes it out of the food and beverages you consume. That is basically it, although there may be a more precise explanation. I, too, am on the same regimen. Ratchada


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      I use prelief, but am currently trying a product called tummy tamer that works essentially like prelief by removing the acid from food. Has anyone else used this product, and if so with what results? KB


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        I've been using Tummy Tamer in the shaker and the tablet for a few weeks and can't honestly say if it's helped me any more than Prelief did. I've been flaring so often for the last few months, it's hard to tell if it would be worse without it.

        However, I've been taking Ditropan XL for the first time and it has been very effective for that urgency and frequency feeling. At first I had such dry mouth and dry skin that I didn't want to continue, but the side effects don't seem so bad now, especially considering the relief it has given me. And it doesn't turn your urine orange.