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  • Prelief Stopped Working?

    I've been able to successfully enjoy some otherwise forbidden foods on the IC list with prelief. Not coffee or tomatoes or anything way acidic or spicy. But a little chocolate now and then. A few years later I've tried to eat chocolate and some very minor things on the IC list as usual and it is backfiring on me, causing flares. People were saying before, "Isn't it nice? You can eat more things than you could before ." This isn't true for me now. Anyone notice Prelief stops working after awhile? If so, did you stop taking it and then start again?
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    Prelief used to work so well for me, but it stopped working a few months ago when I took two tablets before eating pizza. However, I still take it with acid food ocassionally and it helps sometimes. I think the problem is that ic can be very unpredicatable. We just need to be patient and take good care of ourselves.
    The other example for me is Heparin instillation. It gave me a few months remission a few years ago and then went usless, but I still keep doing the weekly instillation and recently i found it starts working again.
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      The only thing Prelief does is to help neutralize the acid in food. It doesn't stop doing that --- but it doesn't get rid of 100% of the acid --- so it may be that your system is more sensitive at times, or you may have eaten more acid than usual?

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