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Finding out pH of food/drink

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  • Finding out pH of food/drink

    I've had good success with using Prelief with decaffinated sodas, but can't tell the difference using Prelief with other foods/drinks. Does anyone know a way to find out the pH of food/drink, and if that is a good predictor of Prelief success? I'd like to think that I have a point on the pH scale where acid causes a problem, and if I use Prelief for those items, I could use it most effectively. I already avoid several foods which cause clear problems, and I'm not trying to expand my diet by using Prelief.
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    Oh, about a month ago someone gave a big list of PH's for foods. Maybe someone else will remember what board it was on...

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      These two links may help you understand the Ph values of both liquids and foods. I found them while doing research on both on the web and found them very useful and hope you do, also.


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        You can get pH "dip sticks" at GNC type health food stores here in California, there's probably something like that in your area as well. Possibly order online?

        ps, My wife will sometimes just crush prelief right into the drink and watch it fizzle away, and keep dropping prelief into the drink until the fizzling stops.
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          Dear rjyoon:

          I suggest that you go on to Prelief's website at to get a broad array of foods plus Prelief.

          You can also go to for a comprehensive list of the Approximate pH of Foods and Food Products.

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            Keep in mind though, it is not the pH of the actual food as it is in its natural state. Its the pH of the food AFTER it is metabolized. I have a very good chart, unfortunatly I dont know where I can find it to reference it for you. I will look into it. If I cant find it, if you give me your address I will snail-mail you a hard copy.

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              I found PH test strips at
              They are great because you can check saliva, water, urine, beverages, etc. Check your saliva 2 hours after you have eaten. Or check your urine first thing in the morning for the most acurate testing. Urine tends to test more acidic than saliva. I checked my well water and found it to be more alkaline than the reverse osmosis water I had been buying. So I stopped buying it!!


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                Hi Cobie thanks for the web site wondering where I could find some way of testing the pH, thanks a bunch Iris hi hat
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