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prelief vs other types of calcium??

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  • prelief vs other types of calcium??

    HI , I take a couple other calcium suppliments. I was wondering if all calcium works like prelief as far as taking the acid out of food, or is the calcium in prelief better at this?? Thanks! Grace
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    I dont think its the same thing--there is a big difference--I thought tums or rolaids were the same-prelief has 65 mg of calcium glycerophosphate--its a suppliment--Im telling ya its been about 3 weeks and Im not burning--prelief takes acid out of food after it has passed the stomach--roliaids take acid out of the stomach only--prelief also makes lactaid and beano--all three work wonders. I am leary cause i have burned in the urethra for so long --im waiting for the next--maybe there wont be? there is an expert that is a rep for prelief--she is very knowledgeable--hopefull she can also help you--thanks Cathy


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      Dear Grace and Cathy:

      No all calciums are created equal.....most calciums actually stimulate acid. Prelief (calcium glycerophosphate) neutralizes acid (and does it very well).

      Additionally, recent observations by a major eastern US urology clinic on a small number of patients with IC, showed that with every patient, that use of Prelief (a) reduced or entirely removed IC symptoms, and (b) demonstrated, using a specific urinary marker, a quantitative measurement of apparent cellular improvement that correlated with the symptoms reduction. The latter observation will be the subject of an early study, and if confirmed, will be the first such benefit recorded for IC by any product. Prelief's benefits, do indeed, go beyond simple acid reduction.

      Betty Corson
      Customer Service
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