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Wondering about the dosage of Prelief

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  • prbetty

    Here is a posting from Mr. Alan Kligerman, AkPharma's CEO and the developer of Prelief.........

    It may be true that if the stomach's acid drops that the stomach will tend to compensate for this by producing more acid; this would be called "acid rebound". However, the essential value of Prelief lies in a good deal more than its acid reduction capabilities: as noted to another ICN MB correspondent and repeated here word for word:

    There is good reason to believe that both the completely free calcium ion in Prelief (contrasted with calcium in, say, calcium carbonate, which is relatively difficult to get released) and Prelief's glycerophosphate, work to palliate painful cells in the bladder and possibly elsewhere, e.g., the intestine. There are some real medical observations (Dubocq and DiTrolio, 2003) using a specific urinary marker, that Prelief is producing not only relief from pain in IC patients, but the markers of distressed cells are greatly reduced at the same time. In fact, both pain and the markers went repeatedly up when Prelief was withheld and dropped again when Prelief was taken. So something tangible is happening and a study is in the works to see if this is confirmable in structured clinical surroundings.

    But wait with that urine alkalinity conclusion. In fact, Prelief does not reduce the urine acidity at all, and there is no real reason for you to want that; in fact maybe the opposite, since acidity in the urine helps protect against urinary tract infection (the dreaded UTI). It's the action of Prelief on the bladder cells that make them less vulnerable to the normal mild acidity of urine that is where Prelief shines, and as noted in the above paragraph, Prelief is doing something valuable.

    And there is no way to overdo Prelief unless you were taking 40 or 50 tablets. Prelief is about 1/5 (19%, to be exact) of the most beautifully available calcium you can ever get, and it is presented in a 1:1 ratio with phosphorus, the same as in milk. Five Prelief tablets will give you about the same amount of high grade calcium as an 8-oz. glass of milk. And don't compare Prelief with the standard antacids, which can be very strong and confer few if any other benefits.

    Hope this is helpful....

    Betty Corson
    Customer Service

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  • Indy

    Be careful not to take too many. They say it is safe in any quantity but from experience and information from my gastroenterologist, if you take too many antacids type meds you actually get acid rebound-your body starts to make more acid to compensate.

    Also, your urine will get more alkaline and you may be more prone to uti's or yeast infections.

    The stuff is great-life altering. Just don't overdue it. I learned the hard way.

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  • felineperson3
    I take Prelief also and have had much success with it. I take 2 before meals and any other time I'm drinking a liquid other than water or before a snack. I understand the effectiveness of it lasts for approx. 30 minutes so if your meal, snack, beverage or whatever exceeds that time limit then one should probably repeat the dosage. I always carry a bottle of it in my purse so I'm never caught without it away from home. I hope what I have found that works for me is of some help to you.
    Hugs & blessings to you-

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    Guest started a topic Wondering about the dosage of Prelief

    Wondering about the dosage of Prelief

    Hi all, I just found out about Prelief and am taking it. What is the dosage we should be taking for IC? I have been taking 2 before each meal. I just started the IC diet too and have seen some results from cutting out coffee and diet soda. I hope the Prelief helps me also. If anyone can tell me about their experiences with Prelief and the dosage I would appreciate it. Thanks!