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calcium amt. in Prelief?

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  • calcium amt. in Prelief?

    Hi all,
    Betty or anyone who knows--How many mgs. of calcium are in each Prelief tablet? (Prelief is a wonderful product, a lifesaver! It's allowed me to have so many foods I'd otherwise be unable to eat!)
    We can help one another here. Sue

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    Is the calcium in Prelief absorbed like the other supplements?

    OK- I do see the amt. on the container now. But as a postmenopausal woman taking calcium supplements, am I getting too much popping 4-6 Prelief a day with 1000mgs of calcium, too? I was just wondering if I should drop my calcium down, so I don't get kidney stones like the rest of my family....maybe drinking all that water with IC has paid off in that respect!
    We can help one another here. Sue


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      You really should talk with your doctor about how much calcium you need daily. It can vary with size, doctor's preference, etc.

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        Dear Sue:

        Sorry for taking so long to post this! I have been out of the office.

        Each Prelief tablet contains 65 mg of elemental calcium. Our recommended dosage is to take at least 2 Prelief tablets with each meal and snack. It is almost impossible to take too much Prelief, in terms of safety or for any other reason, but you should calculate the amount of calcium that you are getting from Prelief into the amount of calcium that you are trying to intake daily.

        The recommended daily calcium intake is approximately 1000 to 1500 mg/day. but you should check with your doctor and follow his counsel.

        There are two schools of thought regarding the role of calcium and stones. The one you are familiar with is that more calcium = more stones. Recently we have come across the opposite view, that getting the recommended amount of calcium can actually help prevent stones. Most stones contain calcium, usually combined with oxalates, compounds found in many plant foods. Paradoxically, calcium binds oxalates in the intestine and decreases their absorption, thus reducing the formation of stones. But it depends what kind of stones you get, so again, please talk to your doctor.

        Betty Corson
        Customer Service
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