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Can someone tell me how to use Prelief

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    Hi Donna/ICN,

    I think I could use your advice on the IC issue, as a newbie in the last week or so had questions too. I have a team of 4 dr's and finally one, after 19 months (my female ob/gyn dr,) called me one day and highly suspected IC, and off to the oroligist. Within 2 weeks they had the surg/porcedure scheduled. I was kind of surprised.
    I'm having the cyctoscopy W/ hydrodistention new week, and have no idea what to expect afterwards ( pain-wise), or even if they will let me go home afterwards. as I am in a constant flare up already and have been duagnosed and treated woth IBS/other GI stuff for the last 18 months. THey are discussing Elmiron. Any tips? Greayt appresiated. Thanks so much.


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      Re: Can someone tell me how to use Prelief

      Originally posted by Toto View Post
      I noticed from the Prelief rep. that Omeprazole takes away acid. I actually take that med to stop stomach problems from Naproxen. (potential problems that is) I'm wondering if I even need to take Prelief if I already take Omeprazole. Or does the Prelief act differently? I'm confused. If anyone has the answer would much appreciate the info!
      This thread is so old but I have to respond to this question because it is an important one. EVERY IC PATIENT NEEDS TO KNOW THAT Prelief and Omeprazole work in completely different ways. Omeprazole works on the acid that is produced by the stomach for digestion, Prelief works on acid in food. IC symptoms are caused by INGESTED acids and irritants. For example, if you put an IC patient on a huge dose of omeprazole and cut out their stomach acid, the patient will still get bladder symptoms. Prelief works on the actual acids/irritants in foods. if you want it to work it neds to be taken with the offending food, preferably after a few bites.

      IF you use the powder form of prelief on or in foods or beverages, it will bind to the acid and many people notice that, for example, it makes their coffee taste diferently. If you take the tablets then the acid is bound in your GI tract and the flavor of the food remains the same. Some foods you may notice no differnece with the powder on them, and some more. To me, Prelief completely changes the taste of coffee if I put it in coffee. IF YOU ARE TAKING PRELIEF WITH A BEVERAGE ONLY, SUCH AS COFFEE, LIQUID BY ITSLEF LEAVES THE STOMACH QUICKLY. So you want the Prelief tablts to dissolve quickly...I break the tablets up into three or four pieces, they break very easily, then they will dissolve that much faster in your stomach and get all that pesky acid out of the liquid *before* it hits your intestines and then therefore next your bladder.