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Pills crumbling apart and breaking?

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  • Pills crumbling apart and breaking?

    I bought a small (60 pills) bottle of Prelief from xxx to use when eating out with risky foods.

    The problem-- the pills are not coated, and they crumble/break apart very easily. The bottom of the bottom is lots of powder that broke away from the pills.

    Can this be avoided? Why is this happening? Thnx
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    I really don't have an answer for you, but am wondering about something. I have never bought Prelief online except from the ICN Shop from which I ordered a large bottle. I did not notice breakage or a lot of powder in the bottom. I usually buy Prelief from pharmacies and I also don't notice breakage or large amounts of powder. I wonder if you have found lots of powder in your orders if it has anything to do with the way it is packaged to be mailed to you?

    Hint: The powder can be used in hot liquids. Just add it and it dissolves.
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    Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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      I don't recall any of mine ever breaking apart into powder. Like SharonA said though you can just add the powder to a warm liquid and use it that way.


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        I don't have any problems either....but I buy through a pharmacy also.
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          Dear sunshine99:

          Our apologies for the problem you experienced with Prelief tablets. Occasionally a run of tablets are slightly softer and more prone to breakage, particularly if they get 'bounced around' during shipping or stocking. Please contact me direct with the Exp/Lot number on the bottle. ([email protected]/1-800-994-4711)

          (Prelief tablets and Prelief powder are the same formulation. Prelief powder dissolves rapidly in food or non-alcoholic beverages. Tablets are recommended for taking with alcoholic beverages and soda.)

          Betty Corson
          Customer Service
          AkPharma Inc
          For additional information on Prelief, please call 1-800-994-4711. AkPharma is a proud sponsor of the IC Network Message Board.


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            I just **love** fantastic customer service!!!! Thank you Betty!!!!!
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