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Prelief Caused A Flare :(

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  • Prelief Caused A Flare :(

    I'm fairly newly diagnosed with IC and PFD. When I first started researching everything I remember coming across posts regarding Prelief, but kind of forgot about it until last week. I read more into it, never reading anything negative about it other than maybe constipation or indigestion, so I decided to give it a shot. I was just starting to feel better from the worst flare I've had thus far, so I was being very careful! I had also been on a strict IC and gluten free diet for a little over a week and I was craving "regular" food soooo badly. I just wanted to be able to have something to get rid of the craving. So I bought some Prelief and a Big Mac from McDonald's. I took two of the tablets as directed, and within 5 minutes I was feeling a strong sense of urgency. Within 10 minutes my bladder felt like a balloon that was filled way with too much air and was ready to pop. I have never, in all my flares, felt a stronger sense of urgency than that. The odd thing was that (at that time) I didn't have any of my other typical symptoms of flares, such as the strong, painful burning, or the spasms. After about two hours though, that stuff started to kick in as well (it resulted in a PFD flare, too), and urinating was incredibly painful. For the first time ever since experiencing IC symptoms, I could actually feel urethral spasms along with an extremely raw nerve feeling in the urethra. Kind of like the feeling of getting chocolate directly in an open cavity in a tooth - not pleasant!

    Fortunately I had also purchased Azo for the first time at the same time that I bough the Prelief. I was about ready to go crazy by the time evening rolled around so I took two of those according to direction and within about 30-45 I felt completely normal. More normal than I have in the last four months. That stuff is Godsend. I was fortunate enough to not experience any negative side effects from it.

    I realize that people can react differently to different things, but I've only found one vague reference to a feeling of urgency caused by Prelief here on the forums, and I also found one review on Amazon for the product in which a man stated that he took Prelief for one day (2 tablets 3 times a day) and within 24 hours he had a flare. Surely we can't be the only people who have experienced that?! It also ended up causing fairly severe constipation for me, which I'm still trying to recover from. As we all know, constipation is NOT IC's friend. I so wish it had worked for me!

    ** I should note that I'm absolutely positive it was the Prelief that caused the flare. It was a completely unique flare; different from any I've ever had. I also never ever react to food or drink that quickly, and at that point I had only taken one drink of pop and had two bites of the sandwich. It takes a few days of having offensive foods or drinks to cause any discomfort for me. The only two things that can cause sudden flares for me are stress and physical overexertion, or engaging in a physical activity that isn't IC- or PFD-friendly.