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    Does anyone know why after having weekly bladder installations for months that I still have pain and burning? I have found some relief, but it definitely still is there. My obgn seems surprised as people almost always completely respond to the treatments, is this normal?

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    Not everyone responds the same way to each treatment. I did a course of 6 instills (once per week) and didn't see results beyond the day that I received them. It felt great the same day though. If your gyno isn't a Urogynecologist I recommend finding one. My regular gyno knew next to nothing about pelvic pain and frequency


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      Hey thanks for responding,
      yes I have An appointment with a urologist coming up but I’m not able to get in for a couple months. It’s good to hear that I’m not alone in this or “ making it up in my head “. Can I ask you any successful treatments that you have had other then the installations?


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        Sometimes a series of instillations will offer relief for weeks, sometimes months --- sometimes they only help for days, or even hours. I have a friend who does self instillations at home at least once daily, sometimes twice. With instillations she is able to teach full time. Do you know what is in the solution being instilled?

        There are also many other treatment options available. I think it's good that you have an appointment with a urologist scheduled. There are some things you can do while you wait for your appointment. First of all, there's the IC diet --- if you're not following it, I suggest you begin today. Also, keeping a diary can help identify the things that cause discomfort --- and the things that help us feel better. Just use a note pad and jot down time of day, everything that goes in your mouth, activities, urinary frequency, and pain levels.

        I hope you feel better soon.

        Stay safe

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