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worse after instillation?

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  • worse after instillation?

    i got the worst uti of my life two months ago, with crystals in my urine. symptom was always solely burning feeling. it started on the plane ride to puerto rico for my honeymoon . i was on three different antibiotics before it started to feel better. in puerto rico i went to urgent care and they tested positive for crystals and nitrates. when i got back home the dr. said it sounded more like ic then a bladder infection and sent me to a urgo/gyno even though my symptoms were much better. the dr. gave me an exam and pushed on my bladder through my vagina. it hurt, so he said i do probably have ic. if it gets bad again, come in and they'll take a urine sample and if it is clear they'll do an instill.

    flash forward two months, after countless visits to urgent care for urine tests since i had burning and kept thinking i had a uti again. they often came back with nitrates but cultured negative. it'd burn for a couple days and then come back again. so the uro/gyno gave me two instills of cocktails containing lidocaine, heparin, and a steroid. after the last instill the burning got worse then it ever had been, and also feels like pinching inside my urethra.

    the dr. wants me to keep up the instills because when he gives me exams and presses on my bladder it hurts. he thinks that means i have ic and "statistically the instillations will be the most effective." - but wouldn't pressing directly on the bladder hurt everyone? i reminded him the main problem is my urethra. he said i could have an infection that is not picked up by urine tests so they sent my urine to the mayo clinic to test for it. he suggested a couple other drugs to take that would calm my nerves down, since he thinks it's a nerve problem.

    my questions are this - has anyone had this experience with instillations? should i ask for a cytoscopy? could it be polyps? urethra pain sufferers - what has worked for you? i denied anymore instills. the pain grew the most after 3 days after the last one and and has stayed the same. a heating pad helps the most, and they gave my vicodin at acute care that i take at the end of the day. it helps, but knocks me out. i also take hyophen which i cannot tell if it helps or not. they also gave me lidocaine cream, and gel to squirt in my urethra. i use the cream but am afraid to use the gel to cause more trauma. the cream minimizes the pain only slightly.

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    I have had similar experiences with instills. Sometimes I feel fine afterwqard with mionor cramping like i am having period pain..but other times I am in bed full of pain for at least 2 days before I feel any relief. I try to think of it as peroxide on a wound..yes it's going to hurt and throb and burn at first but it is trying to heal broken parts...I could be totally off..but it helps me through. I have to think ONE treatment is working!!! I know alot of people do not like the instills...i dont think anyone likes a cathedar up their girlie part...but it helps some of us. :/


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      Absolutely hate instills!
      Torture anytime my urethra is touched. Makes IC worse!