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I have graduated to home instills!!

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  • I have graduated to home instills!!

    I just saw my uro today for my 2mo check up, and she said that I'm ready to start home instills! So next Friday, the nurse is going to begin the training. We also started the process of ordering the medication, and I found out that my insurance company approved the premixed treatment, which I'm so thankful for! So, she wants me to keep up at 3x/week and said I could do up to 2 a day if I'm in a flare.

    I'm just so happy! I feel like I've graduated!
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    Diagnosed Jan 2013. Currently taking:

    200mg Elmiron morning and night
    25mg Elavil at night (no drowsiness or weight gain)
    culturelle in the morning
    SLIT drops for allergies (environmental) 3 drops/night under the tongue
    zyrtec 24 hour nightly (recommended by uro)
    Instillations 3x/week: Parson's Solution
    uribel and prelief as needed

    Also took Desert Harvest Aloe (3 in the morning and 3 at night) for a year and had great luck.
    No longer need them, so I only take them during flares.

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    Good for you! You will have a wonderful sense of accomplishment. The first two or three treatments can be a challenge, but once you get the knack for doing the instills yourself, it's very easy.

    Stay safe

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