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After-care for instillations???

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  • After-care for instillations???

    Hi, Everyone,

    I am weighing my treatment options, and I was wondering - if you get instillations, what are the recommendations for after-care?
    Do you have to take steps to avoid urinary tract infection?

    And - getting more personal here. . . do you have to avoid sexual activity for a while in order to not get a UTI, and if so, how long is "a while" - a day, a couple of days, a week, more?
    I would also imagine it depends on how you feel after the instillation and how soon you feel better, if they work for you.

    (I mean, I have vulvodynia, and haven't been able to have intercourse for a long time, but when I'm up for it, my partner and I try to enjoy a few sexual activities that don't hurt me. I guess I'm worried about what instillations will do to my sex life.)

    Thanks so much for any information/advice.

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    Re: After-care for instillations???

    Instillations do not hurt me in any way. My nurse, who makes it, is making very well desinfication before, afterwards nothing more, and luckily I did not get any UTI in 1,5 years, I go there about every 2 weeks.
    Have you asked your uro to try etradiol vaginal cream and pelvic floor physiotheraphy? Have you tried osteopath? Those things can help to bring you back pain-free sex, maybe?


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      Re: After-care for instillations???

      Hi, Krist656

      Thank you for replying and your thoughts! I use a cream called Estrace; I felt like it helped for a little while but now it seems like not at all - so I need to discuss with my doctor. I have not tried physical therapy; I don't think I have pelvic floor tension - but I will keep the possibility in mind. Instillations seem a bit less scary; thank you!!!


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        Re: After-care for instillations???

        The only aftercare I have used after instillations is to rinse off the cleanser used to do the instillation --- soaps can be irritating to that tender tissue.

        Stay safe

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          Re: After-care for instillations???

          I've recently been doing instillations on a daily basis, and there's no real aftercare needed. When I was having them done at the doctor's office, I'd simply clean off excess lidocaine gel after the catheter came out.

          When I do instillations at home I tend to use less lubricant than the doctor does, so there's less cleanup. However, because of using less lubricant, I'm sometimes not fully numbed, so if I'm sore after the catheter comes out I'll sometimes squirt some of the lidocaine gel in my urethra afterwards. I try not to, because the gel will ooze out for a while, but that's better than being sore. Usually I don't need this, though, so it's just minor cleanup.

          Sometimes I have issues with retention after holding the anaesthetic instillation for a while, so I'll use a catheter to drain it back out of my bladder. As I've gotten more used to doing these regularly, though, that's been less of an issue, so I haven't had to use another catheter for a couple of weeks.

          As for sexual activity, I don't think that sex after an instillation would change the risk of a UTI. Most of the UTI risk comes from bacteria around the urethral opening being pushed into the bladder by the catheter, so sex afterwards isn't really going to change anything. If the instillation helps make sexual activities comfortable for you, then it sounds like a big plus for the instillations, and I'd say go for it. For me, getting an instillation cuts way down on my pain, which makes me more likely to feel like having sex, so the effect on my sex life has been very good.


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            Re: After-care for instillations???

            Hi Donna, Itapilot

            Thank you so much! This is very reassuring and helpful.


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              Re: After-care for instillations???

              I had an instill last Thursday 1/7. My doctor usually uses the Parson' solution, however this time he said their supplier went out of business and he was going to use straight lidocaine. He instilled the lidocaine but I immediately had to go to the bathroom. He did it a second time added lidocaine solution and gel. All when well until later that night when I started having what felt like pelvic floor pain. It has been 6 days and is not getting better. If I don't move around I am ok(ish) but as soon as I have to move around the pain starts again. I don't believe I have an infection. Has anyone had similar problems after an instill? Any suggestions on treatment? Help.


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                Re: After-care for instillations???

                You can try without any gel, that is suggested in Germany. Only men need numbing, for women very often it is actually not so painful without. I prefer without, while then there is no burning after (I had burning WITH gel).