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first instillation therapy next week

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  • first instillation therapy next week

    : quick question will have first instillation of elmeron and lidocane and I assume something else. anyone have side effects from these

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    Re: first instillation therapy next week

    My main side effect is that I feel better after the instillation.

    The doctor should use lidocaine jelly to numb your urethra before putting in the catheter, and there can be some mild stinging before the lidocaine takes effect. If the catheter goes in before the lidocaine has a chance to take full effect, there may be some mild discomfort, but way less than I'd feared. I don't even feel the meds going in, except that sometimes I can feel the anaesthetic start to take effect - it's kind of like feeling my bladder relax and go "aah." :-) The first few times, you may also have some residual soreness from the catheter after the lidocaine jelly wears off, but for me it was never too bad, and after a few instillations it quit even happening.

    Really, the worst part of my first instillation was the fear of it. I was prepared for a horrible, painful experience. The actual experience was that it was mildly uncomfortable for less than two minutes, and it make me feel much better.

    Good luck with your instillations! I hope they work well for you.


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      Re: first instillation therapy next week

      You may have slight irritation from the catheter, but many find instillations actually ease symptoms.

      Stay safe

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        Re: first instillation therapy next week

        thank u so much I really appreciated your response..... thanks again


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          Re: first instillation therapy next week

          thank u so much for your wonderful response. yes I believe my fear is all of it. I love my dr..... he is the best. thanks again. I was told by him that I would not have side effects like taking medication orally.. he had said this will go directly on bladder wall.. I will make sure to ask to please use good amount of lidocaine and wait ten minutes b for inserting catheter.

          thank u soooooooooooooooooo much


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            Re: first instillation therapy next week

            Yes, it has always helped me (Uracyst) and yes, I was suggested to use it as well better than orally! It is correct, as then it is local and not real side effects. The best are Foley catheters, as I have read here, I have got 1,5 yrs normal ones, now I was in emergency once (planned) and they used Foley, and it was muuuch better.