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Bladder spasms

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  • Bladder spasms

    I'm having an interesting thing happen with instillations - bladder spasms. I use a 60 ml catheter-tip syringe with the plunger removed as a funnel on the end of the catheter. When I put the catheter in, though, I keep having bladder spasms. So I pour the meds in, and they flow in for a few seconds, then a spasm comes along and they get pushed back out, then the spasm will end and the meds will go back in, but usually before they're all the way in I get another spasm and they push back out. And on and on it goes, sometimes for five minutes or more. It would be kind of funny, except that the spasms aren't very comfortable, and it sure makes the instillations take a while. A few times I've ended up having to put the plunger back in the syringe just to push the meds in, which works but leaves me struggling to hold in the meds until the Marcaine starts calming down my bladder.

    Bladder spasms are one of my typical symptoms in a flare, but having them occur during instillations is a new thing. Usually my "need to pee all the time" sensation of being in a flare gets suddenly replaced with a "need to pee RIGHT NOW" sensation when a spasm happens.

    Anybody else get this? What do you do for it?

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    Re: Bladder spasms

    When I was doing instillations at home, I used a syringe, but left the plunger in it. I would insert the catheter (the ones I used were about a foot long and flexible), then insert the syringe tip into the catheter end, slowly push in the plunger, then removed the catheter with the syringe still attached. When I first started doing them, I removed the syringe from the catheter before pulling it out and the liquid drained right back out through the catheter. When I had instills at my uro's office, I had them instill the lidocaine first, then wait a few minutes before the rest of the instillation, but I didn't need to do that when doing them at home.

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      Re: Bladder spasms

      My doctor has me do 10 ml of sodium bicarbonate with 2 ml of gentamicin and 1 ml of heparin, then do 20 ml of Marcaine, them 10 ml of just sodium bicarbonate. She doesn't like the Marcaine mixed outside the bladder because it precipitates, and she wants the precipitate in my bladder, not lost in the syringe. The second push makes sure to push all the Marcaine into me.

      That would make it hard to do with the plunger.