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Question about instills and vaginal Valium

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  • Question about instills and vaginal Valium

    Today I saw my urologist and the nurse practitioner who specializes in Interstitial Cystitis. She prescribed 10mg Valium Suppositories and added solu-medrol to my instillation that I do at home of marcaine and heparin. I went gluten free about 1.5 years ago and it made a HUGE difference but I awoke Sunday morning around 3am with an awful flare. It hurt so bad I was sure I had a UTI.

    1) Has anyone used this regimen and do you gain weight from the solu-medrol in the instillation? I know if you take that orally you do.

    2) What's the most common dosage of vaginal Valium and for those that use it, is it like most benzos in this route of administration that you eventually get so used to the dosage that it doesn't work? It did relax my pelvic floor some but because the pain was so bad I ended up taking a Demerol on top of all that.

    I haven't had a flare up this bad in ages. I wonder what triggered it.
    Diagnosed in 2007, but had IC symptoms since 2002. My current regimen includes: home instillations of Marcaine, Heparin and Solu-Medrol plus vaginal valium suppositories nightly. I also use Tramadol for pain as needed.

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    Re: Question about instills and vaginal Valium

    Adding a steroid to an instillation shouldn't effect your weight. I've never done vaginal valium so I can't answer that question.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Question about instills and vaginal Valium

      I agree with Donna. I have had a steroid added to my instills and am currently trying to gain some weight. I will be praying for your flare to pass💗


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        Re: Question about instills and vaginal Valium

        Hello aprilchen
        I just read your post from a few days ago. My daughter tried a valium suppository about 1.5-2 years memory is becoming kind of foggy with all the "tries" of different things. She went through almost 2 years of retention...then pain and pressure and frequency. Pain subsided 50% perhaps with Lyrica and another 25% with Elavil and another 20% with diet. Now, she's still left with pressure but hardly any pain. She's got a pressure feeling ALL DAY problems at frequency or burning...nothing like that...just this pressure...weight in her vaginal area. So, we saw the IC specialist here in Toronto and we brought up the subject of vaginal an option to try again. When she last tried it, I think she was in too much pain to feel any difference. So, after about a week maybe two weeks max...she stopped taking the suppositories...(with her we are convinced it was pelvic pain...skeletal muscles/tissues) that needed to be calmed down) Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, a little of everything seems to be making a difference...1. Medication, 2. Physio (at the very least the physio is relaxing the muscles), 3. diet is critical...and even though I KNEW that that's the first thing we should have taken more was all too overwhelming for her to grasp all of the "MUST DOS" with I.C. It's emotionally draining just seeing doctors, many of whom are so dismissive and simply don't have enough knowledge about I.C. Everything, from everyone seemed to be educated guesses. Most of the time, we're noticing that the suggestions are coming from US...not them...Not the experts. We requested that another CYSTO be done and transvaginal ultrasound, (focusing in on the urethra this time).
        Getting back to the Vaginal Suppository, how did you or anyone reading this find that it helped or didn't help with pain or pressure in that area? We are still waiting for the compounding pharmacy to put it together. It's Christmas and nothing is open until Sunday. I'd really like to hear from other people who have had any success with valium suppositories.


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          Re: Question about instills and vaginal Valium

          Hi Gail!
          I find vaginal Valium is helpful specifically with my PFD and bladder pain. Unfortunately not so much with the pressure I get from time to time.
          Hope she finds something that helps. I know it can be very draining. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas.
          Diagnosed via cysto/hydro 2/6/2015
          Symptoms: frequency, urgency. uretha discomfort, mild bladder pain (a raw sore type feeling.)
          IC Diet (2/15) , Elmiron 100-300mg (3/15-5/16) insurance issues switched to PPS-DR (5/16-present) 2 150mg capsules daily (pentosan polysulfate sodium same formulation in Elmiron) DH Aloe 3-6 capsules daily (3/15), Schiff Digestive Advantage probiotics 1 pill daily (3/15), Amitriptyline 25mg- (5/15-8/16)attempting to wean down due to suspected weight gain side effect. Hydroxydine 25-50mg as needed at bedtime (5/15) Quercetin 2 pills daily to help immune system and body inflammation. Cystoprotek 4 capsules daily (8/15). Prelief as needed.
          USE DURING FLARES: Heating pad, ice packs for PFD, Vaginal Valium 10-20mg, Uribel, Pelvic floor stretches.
          PAST TREATMENTS: PFD physical therapy (6/15-10/15) & Counseling for stress mgt (9/15-12/15) both very helpful. GNC brand progesterone cream (not sure if this made a difference). Too many different diets and herbs to list.
          TRIGGERS: STRESS STRESS STRESS. BCP. Hormonal fluctuance (ovulation/period). Coffee, artificial preservatives and dyes.


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            Re: Question about instills and vaginal Valium

            I'm on 20mg compounded suppository of Valium. I'm hoping it's relaxing my bladder. I think it works.