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AZO before first instill?

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  • AZO before first instill?


    I'm having my first rescue instillation tomorrow. I'm very nervous this is going to be painful. Should I take an AZO beforehand? Or have most of you done fine with the heparin/sodium bicarbonate/lidocaine instill? I'm not sure how I should expect to feel during the procedure or in the hours and days that follow. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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    Re: AZO before first instill?

    I haven't had any instills, just wanted to say I hope it all goes well for you and gives you some relief. :-)
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    Practicing bladder training and stress control (hot baths, pelvic stretching)
    Recently tried PT, do not appear to have PFD

    Things that have not helped in the past:
    Oxybutynin, Vesicare, Pyridium, Myrbetriq, Vagifem

    Also have migraines and IBS


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      Re: AZO before first instill?

      Since it has lidocaine in the mix, you may not need anything else; lidocaine is an analgesic. If you can manage to relax, that really helps when the catheter is inserted.

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        Re: AZO before first instill?

        Thank you to you both. I've been trying to read through all of the posts on here to try to find information about how I can expect to feel in the hours and days that follow, but there are many posts and it's kind of like looking for a needle in s haystack. But, I have read that says it is supposed to be soothing, so I'm hoping that I feel good in the hours and days that follow, but I am worried that I will be in a lot of pain. 😩😔


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          Re: AZO before first instill?

          Hi gpfin0216 - I'm almost done a series of 9 instills (heparin) and honestly it differs for each person, BUT it's very soothing. I had my first one done while in a MAJOR flare up, and it actually took the edge off the flare for me.
          Donna is right in relaxing when getting cath'd. They use the very small caths here for my treatments, so it's not so bad.
          I was told not to take Azo etc because they test here right before every treatment for a UTI etc., and Azo will fudge up the urine tests - so if anything, maybe some tylenol or advil (whatever you can take), but I have taken nothing and felt fine. Worst part for me was the iodine they were using to be sanitary (I was reacting strongly to it), so they switched cleaning solutions and the other one is fine for me.
          good luck, I hope you find some relief!