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Rescue Instillation Did Not Work

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  • Rescue Instillation Did Not Work

    This morning I had rescue instillation and it didn't do anything to change my symptoms. The first two I had worked great and I really enjoyed the relief it gave me. Today was my fifth and it did nothing to relieve anything. I even cancelled a hair appointment I had synched up with my instillation.

    It's leading me to believe I don't have IC now. Lidocaine and Heparin in my bladder did't take any of the symptoms away. Maybe my pain is coming from somewhere else.

    Any thoughts out there on this. I'll speak to my doctor about it next week.

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    Re: Rescue Instillation Did Not Work

    I've been having the heparin/lidocaine instill done once a week for at least 12 years now. There have been times when it didn't help at all and then there have been times when it made it worse. Pain and peeing wise. I think the bladder changes so much 24/7 it's just a guess on which day it will help. Plus if I'm upset about something which makes my IC worse then the heparin doesn't help at all but I do know I would not want to give it up. I'm very happy for you that it helped the first two times. It took 8 months before it started helping me but it seems I'm the odd ball on that but then I seem to be an odd ball on lots of things. ha You can see what your doctor says but maybe give it more time.