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First time catherization

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  • First time catherization

    Last Sunday was the first time I did catherization on myself and being show at the hospital by the urology nurses and then checked again while I was having cystitat done.

    So far so good and it was easy to find the whole to my urethra but I thing I was a bit hard on my bladder. Maybe pushed too hard and hadn't got the catheterize lubricated well. Still learning and I just watch a video on how to do it again. I am a visual learning so doing is it is the right well for me.

    I was surprised on how much my bladder can hold. I had had several cups of tea (so English). Waiting for my next appointment to practice again the catheterizing and doing the cystitat in early August.

    Any tips on where people do it. Strangely enough I did it in the bath without water. Seems a good place to do it and it worked for me.

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    Re: First time catherization

    I'm glad this is working out for you.

    Stay safe

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      Re: First time catherization

      Just find what works best for you and stick with it. I had a hard time learning but so glad I stuck with it. Doing my own installations when I need it the most and not having to go to the doctor office is a life saver for me.

      I was taught to do it standing over the toilet and find that easiest. For the insertion itself I had a nurse tell me to inset a tampon first before the catheter so that you don't miss.

      I personally can't Cath lying down for the life of me. For the first couple of months I was inserting the Cath standing over the toilet and then lying down on the floor once it was in (not ideal to go from standing to on the ground I found). Through much trial and error I have finally found the best way for myself is in my bedroom. I use the red rubber catheters and got a plastic clamp to put on the end of the catheter before I insert. Doing it standing I can prop one leg up and put my lighted vanity makeup mirror on the floor if I need vision Once I insert it I remove the clamp and have a container near by. I then can easily lie back on the bed for the installation. It's just all about what's easiest for you.
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