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Anyone had recent "aluril" hyaluronic/chondroitin instillations ?

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  • Anyone had recent "aluril" hyaluronic/chondroitin instillations ?

    Hi, my GP has just mentioned this to me...I'm in Australia and seems newish to here.
    I'm sure I recognise the components but having trouble getting any first hand info. I don't do well
    with catheters at all so this putting me off but I would really appreciate anyone who has used letting me know.
    Thanks so much

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    Re: Anyone had recent "aluril" hyaluronic/chondroitin instillations ?

    I don't have an answer for you, but if you opt to try instillations, I suggest you ask that they use the smallest catheter available --- and instill Lidocaine or Marcaine first, making sure to get some on the urethra.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Anyone had recent "aluril" hyaluronic/chondroitin instillations ?

      Thanks Donna, I'm so worried about catheters but I will do more research. My bladder has actually improved a bit since menopause
      (its not having a period as I had bad flares then) so Im a bith loathe to start anything new at the moment.


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        Re: Anyone had recent "aluril" hyaluronic/chondroitin instillations ?

        I haven't had a installation with that medication but my daily installations is what keeps me sane. As far as catheters Have you used the red rubber catheters before? Their not hard like the traditional catheters. The dover brand is the softest I have used. There maybe a bit too soft that it makes it hard inserting but if your concerned about pain don't be if your using the smallest red rubber available.
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          Re: Anyone had recent "aluril" hyaluronic/chondroitin instillations ?

          Thanks, I think I will go have a chat with the urologist and see what catheters he uses. I have had IC for 20 plus years but never used instillations. I'm someone who has lots of other sensitivities and fibro etc so I try and keep things simple. I'm glad they help you.


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            LoFric catheters will change your world! I don’t get any urethra irritation from them. You have to jump through some hoops to get them, but it’s so worth it!
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