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Should I let him do silver nitrate?

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  • Should I let him do silver nitrate?

    My uro has started talking about instillations, because I've had no success with oral medications. He told me at our last visit that he doesn't use DMSO anymore because he never really found it helped any of his patients, and he'd like to start with silver nitrate. Everything I've read says this is an outdated treatment, and it sounds incredibly painful.

    Has anyone here had success with silver nitrate? Should I go for it, or insist on one of the other instillations?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I would get a 2nd opinion.


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      Of course it's totally up to you but I wouldn't do it. I have had heparin with sodium bicarb and marcaine and they worked great. Maybe ask him about that or see a different uro.



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        I had this treatment while in the hospital in 1974. So, yes it is an older treatment. Yes, it was very, very painful. You are also correct that it is an "outdated" treatment. I think the idea of a 2nd opinion is a very wise one. There are many treatments you could try before going to silver nitrate. This is your decision, I just know for myself, I would never go through that again. Let us know what you decide.


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          I'm with Jolene on this one. My college roomate had some sort of silver nitrate treatment for her stress incont about five years ago. It was really hard on her. Even after she went through several, I don't think she had any significant positive changes. Her mother had to drive her and stay with her in the dorms for at least a week afterwords. I'm the queen of second opinions. It's taken me four doctors just to get diagnosed. You'll find someone who'll take your symptoms and your concerns seriously. LUCKLUCKLUCKLUCKLUCK!
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            Some old treatments do work. I have had ic for 20+
            years the last 4 or so it has gotten really bad.My uro has not given up (my last one wanted to remove my bladder) He suggested chlorpactin I came to the boards here and was about to not do it. I decided to try, pain is worth it I fiqured. Yes when I woke up the pain was bad. I was basically put back to sleep for a couple of hours at least that is how much time I lost. I went home the same day. The next day I didn't do much was a bit sore not much worse than everyday before the treatment The results I have improved 75% something that has not happened in years with all the treatments I have tried and I have tried them all (except nerve stimulation) My lower back does not ache so I feel it was well worth it. They also did a hydro while I was sleeping. I went back on elmiron which didn't do any thing for me before but my uro thought that maybe it might help now at least keep the ic quieted down for a few more months. I can only have hydros every three months. I usually only benifit for about a month. It has been a month now and I feel good. It is very tolerable which is all I was looking for. So i quess what I am saying is trust your heart and find a uro you can also trust.


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              After my diagnosis in 1975 I was treated with silver nitrate for several years. It did help, but the treatments were painful. DMSO can also be painful, but not as bad as silver nitrate. If your uro won't consider other alternatives, such as heparin or DMSO, I'd have to agree that a second opinion is an option you should consider.

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                I am so appreciative of all your information! Thanks for all the sage advice. I am going to go to my next appointment armed with all the info to try other types of instillations--if he doesn't go for it, I'll be consulting another doctor.

                Thank you all, again.


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                  Just go with your gut. Continue to do your research and decide what you think is right. If your uro will not consider other treatments, then find another uro. blink
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