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Help! Self Cathing questions!

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    Self Cath

    Hi ladies,
    I have been self cathing for about 18 months now and It really changed my life, My Uro is Lowell Parson and he put my on 40,000 units of Heparin 8mg of Licaine and 4 of Soudium Barb. I get my Caths throw a company named A-Med they are the Lo-fric caths and they are great self lubricating in 30 seconds. Every month a lady calls me from the company and asks if I need them and how many its great. I have to go to Loma Linda Hospital to get the Medication but it worth it. I do it about 4-5 times a week depending on how bad my bladder is hurting. Good Luck I know it took my about 4 weeks to figure everything out. I had to call 17 pharmacys in my are to get the medication and they still gave me a really hard time, they said they were afraid I would bleed to death, I guess it was the 40,000 untis of heparin in my bladder.