Hi, I just started self-cathing at home - my uro started me on a mixture from Dr. Parsons. I have not heard of anyone else doing this exact cocktail. It is: 3 cc sterile water, 5 cc 1% lidocaine, 3 cc sodium bicarbonate - and the contents of 1 Elmiron capsule. (I am tempted to use 2 because the Elmiron is so grainy/powdery and doesn't dissolve so much of it sticks to the syringe and doesn't even end up in the bladder)
I have had trouble getting cath supplies that are workable. The 14 Fr straight catheter I received from my pharmacy hurts so much I will not use it again! eek (I am trying to get LoFric pediatric catheters - self-lubricating! they sound great)
Question: I read about lidocaine in/on your urethra before you do the catheter so they are getting me some gel or something - but how do you get it in your urethra?
Question: Would you mind sharing what you use - both as solutions and your cathing supplies?
Question: What is the difference between Elmiron and Heparin in instillations? (my dr. said Elmiron is easier to get, since I already have the prescription, so that is what we are trying.)
Question: Is it a new development to try Elmiron as an instillation? (It seems kind of grainy and it doesn't dissolve, so wouldn't that be kind of rough on the urethra/bladder?)
I have been talking to Brenda (thank you so much) and reading everyones's posts here. The info I get here is so much more thorough than my dr. gives me! I am his first IC patient who is trying this, because oral medication hasn't been working. But he and his nurse don't have any answers to my questions - it is new territory - I am grateful he is working with me on it, but I am in a new frontier as far as urology in my area!
Thank you for listening!