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severe urethral swelling,Dr. wants to try instills:O

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  • ICyuck
    I had polyps that got removed too...I guess they aren't too uncommon with IC.

    I think the lidocaine is a really good suggestion, and I hope you are able to tolerate everything without it being too painful or anything.

    Love, ICY

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  • ICNDonna
    That's a tough decision to have to make. If you're in severe pain anyway, it might be worth giving it a try. Is your uro willing to give you pain meds? I think I would insist on having some to see you through at least the first instillation. I also had polyps, but mine were removed when I had a hydrodistention some years ago and so far they haven't come back.

    Sending an encouraging hug and healing thoughts,

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  • severe urethral swelling,Dr. wants to try instills:O

    hello everyone, I recently posted bout having severe vaginl swelling ,urethral and bladder screams. Its been less than a week, and still flaring strong. Dr and I are trying to figure out whats next in treatment. Since my ic is focused on the bladder wall at the urethra(grape like polyps) and from having many dilitations s a child in a Drs office with no numbing,I have a very sensitive urethra and am wondering if I could handle instills at all. I am sc
    ared to make things worse. Anybody else have a simila r situation? could you tell me what happened ffor you? Thank youDebbie BTW I just added hyscyamine to the makes me loopy and thirsty. Not sure if its worth trying to hang with. Bye