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  • Chlorpactin/Interstim?

    I am trying to find clear accurate information regarding Chlorpactin.

    The DMSO/heparin intills didn't do much for me (other than make me miserable every week for several days) and I have decided to give everying a rest, still on my oral meds (elmiron, detrol,
    vioxx) and hope I get better.

    My uro. said the next 2 things are chlorpactin and then interstim. He told me to research each one, but I am havig a hard time finding documentation stating WHY chlorpactin may help?
    I read the books, articles, but they seem very vague. Seems it is quite painful, and they are not even sure how it works--destroy lining in bladder, which MIGHT prompt healthier lining to grow, might destroy nerves, but more nerves might grow.

    I also am wondering why interstim would work for IC? My sister tried it for incontinence problems, but it didn't do anything for her.

    Not trying to sound so skeptical, but since my diagnosis things have gone from bad to worse. had my first really severe flare up at XMas, but when I had the cysto/hyrdo on Jan 7 and they "overstretched" my bladder, things got so much worse and aren't getting all that much better.

    I am taking pain meds as neede at night, along with Ambien (sleeping pill) so I am getting more rest. My hair is falling out big time, supposedly from Elmiron, but if it helps my bladder and I end up with a wig, so be it.

    Any info on Chlorpactin adn Interstim as it relates
    to IC would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    Trying to keep this short, I'll say that Interstim could help if bladder spasms are contributing to frequent urination.
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      Interstim is for frequency, not pain. Sometimes it helps pain as an extra bonus, but not made for pain at all. Chlorpactin was one of the orginal treatments for IC, along with silver nitrite, some doctors are going back to trying chlorpactin again, but I believe in a small dosage. I don't think it is as painful as what they used to use. I hope someone who has had it done will post for you & will be able to tell you more. Kathi
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        I was about to have chlorpactin done, but me and my doctor decided it is not worth the damage that it could do and the pain that occurs. Chlorpactin is meant to kill the nerves so you don't have pain, or urgency. That's the way it was explained to me.

        I do have the InterStim, and it has helped my IC tremendously. It is not something to jump into or take lightly, please exhaust all other treatments BEFORE going for the stim. I went from voiding 40 times a day and 10 at night, to 10 times a day, and maybe 2 or 3 at night. I don't have urgency anymore, and obviously very little frequency. I am truly a success story.

        But do your research, and make sure you have done all the other treatments. It is a very serious matter, I cannot stress this enough. Make sure it is what you want to do. Does your doctor do it or will he be sending you off to Wausau for it? I had to go to Wausau Hospital to have the trial put in my Dr. Ratanawong (he is a God!!). The implant itself was done in the ambulatory surgery center at Wausau Marshfield Clinic.

        Good luck,
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          I was given about the same options as you. Nothing was working. I did not want the interstim. So I tried chlorpactin. I almost back out because of what they say about the pain. Well it was done during a hydro. When I woke up yes it hurt, by the next day I was back to what I was before. From that day for about 2 weeks I got better. It has been 3 months now I still flare sometimes but the flares aren't bad they last for just a short time (a day or so) before i lived in a flare the pain was about 8 . I will do it again without a second thought.


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            Did you read the lengthy updated article under Meet the Experts on this site? Just look under chlorpactin. I did the whole series gradually as explained in the article. Didn't help me but I know at least one lady on the site that it was the only thing that ever worked for her. I haven't done interstim since my worst case is pain and not frequency.

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              This is a link to the article on Chlorpactin. Hope this will help.


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