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does DMSO lose effectiveness?

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  • does DMSO lose effectiveness?

    How many of you out there have found that DMSO helps the first round, but then does not help after that, as if it has just lost its effectiveness?

    I read an article by Lowell Parsons, and it said that DMSO always loses its effectiveness over time. My uro does not think that is the case, necessarily. I don't know if he thinks that just to keep an option open or not. It would be an expensive and uncomfortable, to say the least, experiment to see if it helps me again.

    Also, what is the deal with the strength of it? I have read here that 25% is the strongest you want to go. 25% of the whole cocktail, or 25% of what? Would the DMSO itself have to be diluted to not exceed 25%?

    Thanks, Diana.

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    I was told it would lose effectiveness and it did. I tried it for a year because I was so desperate. It worked well in that time and, to be honest, it was not that uncomfortable for me. I would have kept it up had it continued to work. I stopped it for a few months and then started up again but it never worked for me again. I then tried elmiron and elavil, which ended up working for me.


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      Quit working for me in about a year. I did several rounds with regular strength and quite a few 1/2 strength (25%) but over time no strength worked anymore.

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        I believe that the 25% refers to the percent of DMSO to the whole cocktail. The other 75% is various other solutions.I had a series of 6 about two years ago and it worked great. Today I had my 5th in a new series. I improved after three treatments and was feeling normal until yesterday. I was feeling so good that I started eating more foods, especially chocolate, but with prelief. Yesterday I ate three chocolates, and I think that caused my flare. I hope today's treatment brings me back to where I was last week. This treatment is hurting worse than the last two. It's discouraging to hear the comments that DMSO loses effectiveness!