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Instillations and breastfeeding?

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  • Instillations and breastfeeding?

    I'm back with more questions! Today I actually spoke with a nurse at an IC specialist up in Seattle (I'm in Portland--apparently there are none here). I am rather hopeful after the conversation and will go up for an appointment in another month or two. She said they would most likely prescribe me a series of instillations and teach me how to self cath so that I could do them at home. But she thought that none of the the instillations could be prescribed while I am still nursing my son. The reason I've been wanting to go straight to instillations instead of oral medication is because I'm nursing, and now I just don't know what to do.

    Have any of you had experience with this? I just can't imagine that if I just don't nurse for the day of the instillation, there would be any problem. I am running into this problem again and again--people don't want to consider treating me because I am nursing my baby. I won't jeopardize his health by weaning him too early--heaven knows he'll inherit a whole plethora of health problems from me and will need all the protection he can get.

    Thanks, again, for any insight. I can't wait until I know more about all this stuff myself so I can help other people here instead of just taking all this great advice from you ladies!

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    Dear CEmommy--
    The breastfeeding organization, La Leche League, has
    excellent, current info on medication during breastfeeding. Their website has lists of community groups, as well as other resource info.........they are as well VERY supportive!! They are very similar
    in many ways to our own IC Network-------very caring
    and welcomimg. Hope this helps! sending HUGS, Laurenn

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      Nursing momma on Elmiron& atarax

      I know this is an old thread, but for future refrence to other nursing mommas I started Elmiron & atarax when my baby was a year old and not ready to be weaned. This is all my doctor would allow orally.
      I had a sodium bicarb/ lidocaine instill with 1 elmiron capsule today ( Thought to be safe) with poor results for my bladder.
      Ice and / or rice (sock heated in microwave) are my only options for pain relief for now.


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        You have to understand that I am not a medcial professional but I am sure if you tell your MD about your concerns there would be a solution that would allow you to keep breast feeding and also have reilef from IC pain. I am confused though. When my urogyne explained instills to me I understood that all medicines were contained within the bladder. It seems if the medicines did not leave the bladder there would be no problem with breast feeding.

        I was in LLL for 8 years and I know that your situation has happened in the world somewhere. I would check with LLL. They are ready to support breastfeeding in everyway. If you do not have a group in your home town don't hesitate to contact a LLL leader in another city. If you need help locating someone I an sure that your hospital could help you. I know that if you need an advoacte to meet your needs you have one in LLL.
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