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Burning in Urethra after instillation

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  • Burning in Urethra after instillation

    I had an instillation done yesterday to help with my IC. I felt great last night but later this afternoon I started experiencing some burning in my urethra. It's not horrible but a little uncomfortable. Does anyone know if this is common and if there's anything I can do to stop it. It doesn't seem to be worse when I urinate. It's just kind of burning and irritated. Thanks.

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    I have always had buring in the urethra after installations. It will pass. Take a nice warm bath.
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      I have that too. I use lidocaine into the urethra and that helps.


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        Thanks for the help. Can you buy lidocaine over the counter? I am sitting here crying and I feel like such a baby. This condition just really gets to me sometimes and I start feeling sorry for myself. I'm glad I can come here to read the message boards and feel better.


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          I used an ice pack after an instill & that helped. A little cortisone cream (over the counter) a couple of times a day for a day or so should help. Kathi
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            If the burning doesn't go away by tomorrow, or if it gets worse, you might want to be checked to be certain you don't have an infection.

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              Thanks everyone! I woke up this morning feeling so much better as far as the burning goes. I am hoping the frequency will continue to be less. I was able to only get up once during the night!


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                Muffie, that is great! :woohoo: If you have another instill done maybe ask your doctor for a perscription for the lidocaine? I get mine in a little plastic bottle that has a tip on it.