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Questions about Elmiron instils

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  • Questions about Elmiron instils

    Does anyone know if they use the contents of the capsules (oral) Elmiron for the instils or is there a liquid formula of Elmiron?

    Also, for those who do it at home, what do you mix it with and what are the measurements of the "cocktail"?

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    They are dumping the capsules. As far as I know, there is no liquid elmiron.

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      Yes, it is the capsule. I got them done all the time-sometimes 3 a week. They dump it into a mixture of lidocaine and bi-carb, I forget now what the %was, because it's been so long.
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        thanks guys!
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          Elmiron instills

          For my Elmiron instills I do the following:

          1. put 20 cc of sterile water in a sterile urine specimen bottle

          2. empty the contents of two Elmiron capsules into the bottle & swirl it around to mix it up

          3. draw up 6 cc of sodium bicarbonate 8.4% inj with 10 cc syringe with a needle and add that to the urine bottle

          4. draw up 12 cc of 2% Xylocaine inj with a 10 cc syringe and needle and add that to the urine bottle

          5. swirl the solution around in the bottle and then draw it up in a 60 cc BD syringe with a funnel tip making sure that I get up all the Elmiron since it tends to sink to the bottom

          6. I then add about 10 cc of air to the syringe to make sure that when I put the solution into my catheter that the air clears the solution from the tip of the funnel-ended syringe and the catheter. That way all of the solution ends up in my bladder. The air comes out when you urinate out the solution (I keep the mixture in my bladder for at least an hour).

          7. I use the urine bottle to drain out any urine in my bladder with the catheter before I attach the syringe to the catheter to instill the solution. I set the urine bottle in one of those kidney shaped basins you can buy in a medical supply store (they are for vomiting in). The basin holds the urine bottle close by while I get the catheter in.

          I never re-use any of the equipment (catheters etc) to make sure I don't get an infection. So far, so good.



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            no,they take my capsules and dump it in to the other solutions.


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              Mine is similar to Kathy's.

              1. Empty bladder with cath and leave it in.

              2. Put the pre-mixed Elmiron solution into the funnel tip of the cath.


              1 Elmiron capsule (or 2 if one doesn't do it for you)
              4 cc sterile wter
              8 cc 2% Lidocaine
              3-5 cc Sodium Bicarb (5 cc if you are using 2 Elmiron caps)

              I add a few more cc's of sterile water at the end to make sure all the Rx goes in.

              That's it.

              Also, just a suggestion - I don't work for this company or get any money - but have you tried LoFric caths? They are pre-lubed. Made by Astra - if you go on their website they will send you FREE samples of whatever you want. I use 13 French female 8" - they also have them for men. If you like them they include a prescription form for your uro to sign for ordering more.

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