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what is your heparin dose?

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  • what is your heparin dose?

    Mine is 40,000 cc and if I could do it twice a day i wouldn't need the daravcet at all. Just wondering which would be better for my body. Heparin or darvacet? I do know the darvacet would be the cheaper way to go. What do you think?

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    When you say your heperain dose is 40,000 ccs, I am not understanding this. This cannot be the amount they put in the bladder. I am suppose to go for my first instill tomorrow and I remember the urogyne telling me that the total amount of liquids(meds) she puts in is 60ccs. I am not sure how much she puts of each med in. I know that she uses heperain,lydoaine,steroids,and biocarb. I am a little leary, It does not help that I am coming down with a bad virus or flu today. I hope I feel up to going tomorrow. My son is sick too.


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      It's 40,000 cc of heparin, 20 cc of xzylacian (spelled wrong) and I can't remember how much water. I don't see how you could have such a small amount of liquid. It is "cc" because I looked on the paper the nurse wrote on or else I'm reading it wrong. I just don't know if that amount of heparin can be done more then one time a day. I tried doing half in the morning and half in the afternoon but that didn't help at all. has to be the full 40,000 cc.

      Sorry to hear you are coming down with something. Here it is almost the end of flu season and I know how much worse you feel while having the flu with the IC. Hope you get to feeling better.


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        I use 20,000 u/ml three times a week. I dont know what this measurment is, but thats what on the bottle. There have been times when I would use it 3 times a day. Dr. didn't like it but she let me for about 2 weeks. When the flair up was so bad I couldn't do anything else. My dr. hasn't given me anything for pain. I have found that hydrocodone, left over from previous surgeries helps a lot. I'm not sure what to ask for, but I'm going to have to ask for something. Any suggestions?


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          I do 40 thousand units. That is what the bottle states. 4 times a week.


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            I use 10,000 units per instillation.

            I think that “units” means strength not volume. I know that the 1.000 unit vial and the 10,000 unit vial are the same size..

            The volume of the heparin I use is 1cc.

            The total volume of my instill is 11cc. I can use it as needed, even if I need more than 1 instill a day..which I have had to do a couple of times.

            My urogyn says to keep ahead of IC. So I don't try to stall for time. When I first started instills I tried to keep from using it too much. I waited too long between instills and the IC got ahead of me. I found out that if I stay ahead and catch it early that I don't need as many instills.
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              Mine is 40,000 units not cc. Someone told me wrong.


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                Now I am confused. My urogyne said that with the cocktail she wants to instill in my bladder is hperain,steroids,lydocaine,and biocarbonate. She said there is a total of 60ccs of liquid that is instilled in the bladder which is equivalant to 2 ounces. I read one of you uses only 11ccs which is actually less than half of an ounce. Why is my urogyne using so much then? Should I ask her to use only half? Does 60ccs sound like to much?


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                  I think all the mixture I have instilled comes out to 2 ounces. Doesn't look like much once it is put in the little plastic jar for pouring. I will have to measure it next time I do it and see just how many ounces it has. You're having more in the mixture then what I have so might be a little bit more then mine.


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                    Usually it it is 40,000 units of Heparin or 4cc's.


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                      Jen, my mixture equals 50cc and since you have more added to yours that is why the 60cc. You will have to see how your bladder does with the first instill. It might say hey this is nice stuff and you will be ok.


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                        My heparin is 10,000 units (1ml) 2 vials so that is actually 20,000 units 2ml and 10 cc of marcaine 5cc of sterile water so total 19 cc'x of liquid I was using lidocaine but the marcaine last longer