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1st RMSO - side effect or coincidence??

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  • 1st RMSO - side effect or coincidence??

    (I apologize in advance for long post)

    I went to my uro for my 6mo follow-up from cystoscopy on Fri the 13th (should have been my first clue!).

    I hadn't been feeling well overall the past few days so it was good he could see me on a bad day. He asked what treatments have worked in the past and I gave him the list of things done - hydrodistentions, urethral dilations, antibiotics, pain meds, physical therapy, diet change, 20lbs weight loss, etc.

    He recommended either another hydrodistention or trying 6wks of RMSO. I opted for RMSO and he left the room for what I thought was the nurse coming in to schedule the appts. Instead he popped his head in and said we could start now. Since I was there, I figured "why not?"

    I had to request the nurse to get 12 or 14 catheter before we proceeded.

    Then he came back in to proceed with the catheter and instill. He said to hold it as long as I could and try to hold it about an hour. I thought - no problem! - cuz my bladder was empty prior to this instill.

    He left and the nurse returned in a couple minutes to let me know I could leave and go up front to schedule next appt. She said to hold it as long as I could and it may burn a little when voiding.

    I had 10 min drive home and by the time I walked into my apartment I couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough!!! I probably had it in there for 20 min by the time I left his office and drove home.

    Then I went with my friend for his birthday dinner and I tried so hard to put on the "feel good" face and attitude - but he knew something was wrong cuz occassionally he would ask if I was okay - and of course, I didn't want to ruin his birthday so I said I was fine.

    After dinner we went to Best Buy so he could get a laptop - and turn the surprise on me by getting me a nice digital camera for my birthday which is later this month. So we came back to my apartment so he could play with his laptop and I could play with my new camera.

    I finally couldn't handle it so I took one Percocet at 11:30pm. He left about 1:30am when I started to really feel the affect of pain meds - the "Drunk" feeling.

    Here is where I'm not sure what is going on ....

    At 2:30am I laid in bed in tears cuz I had sharp pain in my upper abdomen and felt like someone was squeezing my rib cage so I couldn't breathe!! The pain radiated into my back and right shoulder.

    At 4:30am I took more Percocet.

    At 6:00am I called mom to have her take me to urgent care who immediately referred me to ER.

    By 8:15, I was in ER room and getting fluids and pain meds. All they did was blood work and urine test - which had to be cathed since I am having my period. (Haven't had one since January so it's extremely painful and clotty).

    Anyway, the blood work and urine were clear so that ruled out pancreatitis. I was discharged with Prilosec and told it was probably reflux.

    I had the pain-med nausea all day so it was evening before I felt like having a small ceasar salad. Sunday morning I felt minor discomfort again in the upper abdomen.

    Monday, I continued to feel the discomfort until 4:30pm when again I felt like someone was squeezing me!!! My aunt drove me back to ER - where I had to sit in waiting room for 2 1/2 hrs!!! I was in tears by the time they finally got me back to a room.

    Anyway - last night they did abdominal CT scan with contrast to rule out hernia, bowel obstruction or anything else life-threatening. Tomorrow morning I have to see the GI doc cuz I can't eat anything without pain or nausea.

    So long story - but here is my question ... can RMSO cause this upper abdominal pain or is it just a coincidence?

    I'm scheduled for another RMSO this Friday. I also want to ask the uro if I can do this at home as I can't afford $20 copay for 6 treatments - especially now that I have 2 $75 ER copays to deal with!

    Oh - here is the other question. Today I'm burning really bad with urination and it smells like rotten eggs. Is this related to the instill or ct scan meds or pain meds or since I have been cathed a couple times over the past 3 days, I would not be surprised if I am getting an infection.

    I've read a couple other posts that say the first couple instills are painful but they get better. I will continue in hopes this is just a bad coincidence.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
    Tara (tbokay)

    Age almost 33! (4/27)
    Single - no kids, but 1 cat, Bianca QT
    Diagnosed mild IC in Oct 2004 - but on 11/7/05 told I DO NOT have IC (even though 2 other doctors agree that I DO have IC)
    2nd cystoscopy 10/6/06 confirms I DO have IC! 3 out of 4 urologists agree ... It's not in my head!

    9/11/06 Urodynamic results - bladder wont hold more than 200cc without causing retention due to lack of strength in bladder to start urine flow.
    5/3/06 had IVP that revealed "mild swelling" of right kidney and ureter due to "recurrent infections or urine backup into kidney"
    4/13/07 - started RMSO once a week for six weeks - ON HOLD DUE TO INFECTION!!! Scheduled to start again 5/4/07.

    Past meds:
    Elmiron - severe nausea
    Prosed - triggers migraines
    Fentanyl - 3 day pain patch - lasted 36 hrs before I had to remove due to adverse reaction
    Vicodin - stopped working
    Tramadol - caused urine retention
    Fioricet - caused urine retention
    Nitrofurantoin (antibiotic for 3 months)
    Celebrex 200 mg
    Pyridium 200mg (for 30 days supply)

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    You really need to telephone your doctor for some advice.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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