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RE: Symptoms - IC Flare or Urethral syndrome

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  • RE: Symptoms - IC Flare or Urethral syndrome

    I have had great luck with Rescue Instillations at my Dr's office.
    I feel like I have a fire up my urethra - can barely walk.
    I also have Vulvadynia, Vestibulitus, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and the IC.
    I have been in Pelvic therapy at Hopkins for 8 months now - it helps a lot.

    My symptoms in the last month seem different.
    I did a home instillation 2 days ago, only to have
    the symptoms return today.

    I have pain around my Urethra.
    I have taken Pyridum and Vistaril also.
    I don't know if I should do another instillation as this
    will irritate my Urethra.

    How do I know if this is Urethral syndrome?
    Coincidentally, I am not sure what urethral syndrome is.

    In all the time I have been with this Uro, he has never
    examined my Urethra, or anything.
    My previous Dr. did a Cystoscopy, looked for tumors,
    looked at kidney function, etc. Found I was A OK.


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    I would think it could be from the instill. I usually have urethra pain after my DMSO from the cathetar.