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Seems without the Heparin Vicoden won't help

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  • Seems without the Heparin Vicoden won't help

    I have missed my weekly heparin instill for 3 weeks in a row due to weather and such. (might miss this weeks too depending on Mother Nature and that snow storm.) I have noticed as time goes on the Vicoden is helping less and less which to me is a really big let down. After doing it for 10 years, once a week the bladder is still no better off now then it was 12 years ago. I was always thinking if I had to do away with the heparin I could fall back on the vicoden but that theroy is gone. I just feel like crying. Just so few things to help and all these years it was a false sense of hope for me. Part of me even does not want to go for the heparin anymore and this was before I realized if I don't keep having it done vicoden won't help. I have tried doing them at home and each time came down with a UTI and when I did it they never helped but all I can say is what a big let down this has been.

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    I hope you're able to get in for a heparin instill soon.

    Stay safe

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      Hi. What does Heparin do for you? thanks! shelley


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        It helps with the peeing. Used to pee every 10-15 minutes 24/7 but that got cut down to every hour and then adding the vicoden and hydroxyzine I don't even get up at night anymore but I can't drink after 7:00 pm.