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Out-of-pocket cost of Uracyst instills in US?

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  • Out-of-pocket cost of Uracyst instills in US?


    I am currently trapped in Spain having the worst IC flare of my life (2nd time ever, I thought it was gone after first experience April-Aug 2006). I haven't gone to work in a month and I just sit in my apartment and do nothing. I used to be a very successful person in life and I feel like I've hit rock bottom in every aspect of my life. I have nothing and no one here. I really need to go home and be in my own country, with my family and friends to support me. THe problem is I have no health insurance in the states and would have to pay for treatments myself (and I don't have much money). I have health insurance through my job here in Spain, and I can start getting Uracyst instillations next week (one a week for a month.) I truly am starting to fear for my mental health here though. My boyfriend here just broke up with me and I am unbelievably alone and without outlets to remember why life is worth living. All I want is to go home...if I could find out how much instillations are in the states without insurance maybe I could be motivated to hang on here for a few more weeks. thanks!
    IC symptoms since Dec. 12 2010 after confirmed bladder infection "never went away." Recently also diagnosed with PCOS, piriformis syndrome, and pelvic floor dysfunction, sinus issues. I was in great health before fall 2010.
    Current medications: citalopram 40 mg, valium 2.5 mgs a night, lidocaine patch (for back pain), Prelief
    Therapies tried or continuing: stretches, walks, baths, internal massage, physical therapy, IC diet, IF unit, heating pad, mindfulness based stress reduction classes, cognitive therapy, books on IC and pelvic pain...

    Drugs Tried: the urinary analgesics, 4 kinds of muscle relaxants (including in suppository form), hydroxyzine, 3 kinds of TCA's, lyrica, cymbalta, 6 months elmiron, vesicare, antibiotics, prednisone (after sinus surgery), NSAIDS...
    Supplements: over 20 herbs and supplements, including regimens from TCM practitioner and a naturopathic MD
    Intravesical/Surgical: 3 instills of Uracyst, 2 “rescue instills” lidocaine, bicarb, elmiron; 1 self-instill of marcaine, a steroid, bicarb and heparin; 1 hydrodistention and capsaicin instill (made me worse, still recovering two months later...)
    Other: Acupuncture treatments, magnets (LOL), Anti-Candida Diet (2 months), Wheat free diet, water pH

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    Uracyst is not available in the US. I got mine from Canada, it was $80 a vial. You don't need a prescription in Canada to buy it, it is considered a medical device. So if it works for you that might be a reason to stay. I hope you start to feel better. Just take it day by day.



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      Oh Dani,
      It really must feel like the sky is falling in on you. So sorry about the bf. Maybe your idea would be best, stay there through the instills and then come home to the states. If you aren't working when you get here you can at least get on a state or federal program for healthcare. It isn't the best option but at least you will be with your support system. We all know how important that is with IC.

      There is also the fact that in the amount of pain you are in now, the plane trip will most likely be difficult. If you wait and get the instills first, hopefully things will calm down and make the trip home easier.

      I hope you find relief soon. Maybe book the plane ticket for the last instill day, that way you have something to look forward to!

      Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

      American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
      Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom