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Bladder Instillation Side Effects

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  • Bladder Instillation Side Effects

    Hi there. This is my first post. I've had IC for about 10 years.

    I had a hydro/cysto/installation about 3 weeks ago, and it put me into a horrible flare, the worst ever. I was set to have installations every 6 weeks after the procedure, but my post-hydro flare was so bad that my uro recommended weekly installations for 6 weeks to calm my bladder.

    I'm doing:

    Sodium Bicarb

    I noticed after my first installation that I felt really sleepy, foggy, and achey, but upon further research I learned that these weren't usual side effects, so I assumed I was just exhausted from the flare pain and the stress of my first "awake" installation (and asking time off my boss, filling out FMLA, etc).

    I had my second installation today, and I feel the same way. My flare had calmed down on Sunday and Monday, and I was feeling pretty good this morning. Now I feel exhausted and foggy; I just want to go to sleep.

    Anyone else have these symptoms? I told the nurse and she said that she'd never heard of that. It just seems weird because they are putting drugs directly into my body -- you should have some sort of systemic reaction to it?

    I always react oddly to drugs anyway.

    Anyone else?

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    I get extra sleepy after having the instills done sometimes but think it is just from going to have them done. It's getting up, take bath, get dressed, drive and then drive back home and I usually have every side effect that is known to mankind with medicines too. Plus the instill does cause extra pain for a day and I have noticed more pain I have the more tired I am.


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      Re: Bladder Instillation Side Effects

      Very good and*informative*exchange*..*Thank you!