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    I know everyone is different, but just in general, I was wondering, for those of you who have used the Heparin, Lidocaine, Sodium Bicarb instills, how long did it take before you noticed any improvement in syptoms?
    I'm having the above instills once a week,(Kaiser docs don't allow home instills). So far I've had three and really have not noticed much of a change, except for maybe sleeping a little bit better.
    I don't mind continuing the instills even though my bladder is hard to access due to an oddly curved urethra(figures-my intestines are oddly curved too!), which makes it kind of a struggle each time for a very good nurse to get that cath where it has to go, but if it's not going to help, then I would rather not continue. I will speak with my Uro, of course, but thought I would ask "the experts" as well!
    Curvy Laurie

    p.s. On another topic, what brand of vit. D do you all use?

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    With my second URO I started noticing an improvment by time I had my 3rd treatment and by the 6th I was 95% better. I wish the best for you.
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