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I think my instill fell out!?!

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    Yes, I do uracyst treatments. Yes, sometimes it works well, other times not so well. However, it took about 12 - 15 treatments before I started to notice a huge difference. I am doing treatments again now - after 8 months of not doing them. I need maintenance work at the moment.


    Current Meds:
    1 Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
    1 Cimetidine 300mg 2x a day
    4 Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day (3600mg)
    1 - 2 Atarax 25mg at bedtime
    1 baclofen 10mg 3x a day as needed
    200mg of Pyridium 3x a day (usually do in cycles - on for a week or two as needed) - I am very careful about this.
    2 belladonna and opium suppositories as needed for pain daily.
    Bladder instillations (Lidocaine, Heparin, & Sodium Bicarbonate)

    I have tried but failed -
    lidocaine instillations, heparin instillations, oxybutynin by mouth also called ditropan, tylenol 3s with coedine, cyclobenzaphrine, Ativan, vesicare, Oxytrol patches worked for 3 to 4 years and then failed, I tried Uracyst and had some success but my urologist felt that it was not successful so we moved on to trying something else. .


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      Great thanks. I hope things will get better with the uracyst over time. Flaring badly now as I have food poisoning (damn you KFC)! & the more Im physically sick the worse my bladder feels. Its gonna be a loooong night!x