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I think my instill fell out!?!

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  • sailawaygrl
    I know from doing home instills that the one time I did "miss" and put it in the wrong place exactly what you said happened is what happened to me. It does sound strange that he had to double check and then warned you that something might run out. It almost sounds like he didn't want to admit that he made a mistake. I have never had an instill immediately run back out from my bladder. I would call and talk to the Dr, tell him everything that happened. I hope they do the right thing for you.


    You said this was your first uracyst instill but have had two other instills, what were they? I can see that the numbing gel might have helped the stinging, but your sphincter muscle at the openning of your bladder would keep the instill from running out, even if you are slightly numb. If it was the numbing gel, that means he would have used an awful lot of it. Personally, I think it was the instill, based on my experience.
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  • Mc2203
    started a topic I think my instill fell out!?!

    I think my instill fell out!?!

    Im confused- I just went for my 1st instill of Uracyst. The nurse put local gel in a syringe into my urethra to numb the area.. Ive had this done 3 times before but usually, I always feel a sting as the catheter goes in. This time I didn't so I said- ooh it normally stings but that wasn't too bad- so the nurse said, hang on let me just check the caths in the right place. He fiddled around a bit and to be honest- it did feel quite high- as if it was ok. Then he did the instill and I felt a cold sensation inside my bladder (I think). He then said OK your alright to go and he said you might want to wipe cos the numbing gel will leak a little. When I stood up- a gush of liquid came down and my knickers felt really wet. This hasn't happened both times I've had the local numbing gel before so I said to the nurse- I think the instill has just run out. He said no- it will be the gel. Ive just done the 2 hour drive home and then went to go to the toilet. Again, before I managed to get to the toilet- runny liquid came flying out. So I'm wondering if it was more of the numbing gel which had melted as Id been sat in the car or whether it's the instill Ive never had one before- so Im not sure how it should have felt. Maybe the cath was thinner than the previous 2 I've had- it was 12 inches and that's why It did not hurt. Or maybe he just didn't put it in the right place

    Nothing is ever straight forward!!! If it was the instill, then they owe me an extra one because I only get 6 until I go onto monthly!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!