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Extreme Fatigue with DMSO?

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  • Extreme Fatigue with DMSO?

    I go to my urologist for bladder instillations (DMSO) once a week. I've had two treatments so far. I've noticed that, after each treatment, I am extremely fatigued. I have to sleep for a good 24 hours after my treatment to recover. Is this normal?

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    Do you have pain from the instillations? I think it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor.

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      I only have burning pain when the catheter is inserted and when they take it out. I experience some mild discomfort after my treatment, but that generally doesn't last too long. The fatigue is the big issue. Thanks for the advice. I will talk to my doctor about it whenever I go in for my third treatment on Friday.


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        I always found I was a bit tired after my instill. but it was outpatients and sometimes the wait was ages.. one time I had to wait 5 and half hours before I got in .. other times just maybe an hour.. so it just made the day seem so long..even though I would be scheduled for a certain just kind or wore me out for a bit...
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