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  • Clorpactin

    Tell me about your experience?

    Ive been in pain since last September, infection, no infection and it continued until yesterday when I have my hidrodistention and today i feel fine? very strange

    so then the doctor suggested 3 treatments of Clorpactin for the next 3 months but only if my pain comes back in the next couple weeks

    do you think I should take them anyway even if my pain goes away?- in case it helps me in the long run

    what are your experiences and do you have any advice?

    keep in mind that Ive been taking oxycodone almost daily for two months for the pain which is sometimes was so bad that i couldnt walk properly

    talk to me!

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    Ask Donna she has IC for years and she has good success with hydro distentions, I myself would not take the other stuff while pain free, it can last a lot longer than a few weeks.

    And you can try this other stuff when and if the pain comes back.

    But ask Donna she has much more experience in this area of treatment.

    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      Clorpactin is one of the older treatments for IC. In the past it was quite painful. There are so many more treatments available now. If you are pain free, if it were me, I would probably wait. However this is a decision you and your Dr. need to make together.

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        i want to message Donna but cant figure out how lol


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          If the hydrodistention helped your symptoms, I think I would wait a bit before doing other treatments. Clorpactin is, as Jolene said, one of the older treatments and isn't used much any more. I have never used it as a treatment.

          Of course it's your decision, but I personally wouldn't try clorpactin until I have tried all other available treatments.

          Are you still needing pain meds since the hydro?

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            im going for treatment tomorrow

            I had cancelled the treatments but then a week after the hydro I was in pain again, not too bad but I dont want to wait for it to get bad again, I am greedy and need a full remission. i have to work!

            after 2 months of providing oxycodone the uro said he doesnt have time for that any more

            very nice

            so i go for the clorpactin treatment tomorrow

            wish me luck!