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  • annpieper


    I have had three treatments of the RIMSO thus far, and I have had negligible pain with the treatment. HOWEVER, my pain is much less than yours to begin with. I was diagnosed four months ago after a three month UTI (so I thought - of course, all my tests came back negative) After a hydroextension, my doctor confirmed IC. My bladder capacity at full capacity is 500 ml. The doctor insisted on the RIMSO.

    When thy put the catheter in, it's uncomfortable. But the solution does not hurt and it doesn't really irritate. Holding the solution in the bladder isn't painful either. However, after I go to the bathroom I feel urgency for about the next two to three hours. I also experience some cramping. I call it annoying. I can handle the pain with advil. By the time the advil wears off, I feel better. I have noticed increased capacity and less urgency through the treatments. The doc does have some stronger pain meds that you can take if you need them just prior to treatment.

    However, I have to mention - you will smell like chemical garlic for the next two days after each installation. You're really stinky if you are sweaty!!

    Hope that gives you an idea- Good luck with the RIMSO!

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  • Kirs10
    started a topic Help!


    I know that alot of people have asked this question on this board. I have search them and read alot of them. But I am really just looking for a so input from those who have had this done and what their reactions were. I am going to begin this course of treatment after I have been putting it off for as long as I could. I am terrified of the pain being worse than it is now. Not that I am sure that it can be worse, but I am sure it can.
    The mixture they are going to use is:
    50 cc DMSO (Rimso 50 = 50% DMSO)
    10cc sodium bicarb
    10,000 IU heparin sodium
    80 mg gentamicin
    40 mg triamcinolone

    Does this sound right and what were your reactions to the instills?
    I really appreciate all the input I could get from everyone.
    Thank you very much....